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Toppers Testimonials | Saumya Pandey | AIR-4 CSE 2016

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    Rank in CSE-2016


    Number of attempts (include present one)


    Medium (English/Hindi)


    Optional Subject



    Prelims Strategy:

    1. Study daily, which is enough and consistency is important.
    2. Please remember rote learning would do no good.
    3. Prepare prelims and mains together, an integrated view.
    4. Starting taking tests on a regular basis 2 months before the prelims.
    5. The paper is very unpredictable, cover the basics therefore.

    Preferred books:

    Basic books and NCERTs.

    Views about the importance of Test series:

    1. They are very important. For both prelims and mains.
    2. It helps you in time management.

    Did you use CD Test series? How was it helpful?


    What to focus on for Mains Prep?

    I followed a simple structure of answer writing. Introduction, main body and conclusion.

    This can be followed in all the answers.

    The conclusion should be forward looking and constitutionally correct.

    Tips for students:

    Patience, right strategy and consistency is important.

    Ultimately it is all about your own efforts. A smart strategy and perseverance helped me crack the exam.

    I can guarantee that others living in small cities can achieve success without having to leave their home towns if they apply themselves with diligence.

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