16 August 2018 | High Relevance vs Low Relevance News

Reading News for UPSC is utmost important and rising number of questions year on year in UPSC Prelims is a testimony of this

We are starting a daily series where we will analyze news covered in The Hindu, Indian Express and other newspapers which are important from exam perspective and which are not

Important news would have been covered in our daily news coverage in form of newscards.

Unimportant ones will be mentioned here and a short description regarding why it is not relevant for the exam

Click on news headlines to read the full news

High relevance news

[op-ed snap] Questioning a crackdown


A good editorial on the relevance of Oxytocin ban and why its a bad decision on government’s part. Make notes for Mains.

India fares poor on Global Liveability


Every index is important from UPSC perspective. Must read for Prelims.

Verdict of Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal Comes


After Kaveri, another major river dispute going on since years. Read and note details of tribunal’s verdict.

Super-insulating gel could help build Mars habitats


Read about Aerosol & its uses. Can be asked in Prelims.

Explained: How to send an Indian into space?


Gaganyaan is now a hot topic and very important for Pre as well as Mains. Note India’s manned space mission history and future prospects.

Low Relevance News

Centre may relax NRC guidelines

The Centre is mulling relaxed guidelines for migrant workers and labourers from other States who were not included in the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam that was published on July 30

No important points from the exam point of view.

CJI launches mobile apps for e-filing of cases

In a “giant leap” towards a litigant-friendly court system, Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra on Tuesday heralded the launch of a host of smartphone apps to help litigants, including convicts, from all parts of the country file cases and even make e-payments to courts

No name of apps given nor any other important info. Not relevant for the exam.

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