First look of the Civilsdaily magazine. Yay!

Awesome content + Impeccable design = Great magazine!


The Edition #0 is already out and waiting for your appreciation! We are hopeful of having a great fundraising round within our Civilsdaily community and the details of both (Civilsdigest Ed #0 & fundraising) can be found here.


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He just wanted a decent book to read . . .

Not too much to ask, was it? It was in 1935 when Allen Lane stood on a British railway platform looking for something good to read on his journey. His choice was limited to popular magazines and poor quality paperbacks. Lane’s disappointment and subsequent anger at the range of books available led him to found a company – and change the world.

That company was Penguin Books. This magazine (to be) has nothing to do with them (gotcha!) but this is one our favorite stories on how a small but ambitious idea ends up changing reading habits and consumption patterns!

Since our inception, we have strived to maintain our focus on doing just one thing right – news with context. We have experimented with –

  1. Daily newscards (on the app) to save your time from the opinionated newsbytes,
  2. Connected stories to help you with the backstory of a newsbyte and analyse it better,
  3. Explainers of news to help you visualise and understand news & topics in depth,
  4. Back2basics to learn static via dynamic and so on…

What we all have got in return is an amazing community with richer and meaningful discussions + a little bit bakar 🙂 If you are reading this post on your laptop, a quick look to the right would do well to prove this point!

These guys are discussing FDI & Salwa Judum and I already feel insecure about the internal security!

Kidding, of course.

This magazine is the culmination of all that we hold dear at Civilsdaily – Great content & empowering design.

We have tried to reimagine the best way to consume content, yet again. We did this for digital screens before, we are doing this for print now and we sincerely hope that you will come to love it!




Sounds good? Just a few more points

  1. This post has been intentionally kept short (or so we think).
  2. We will be releasing edition #0 soon. That would be an online only release.
  3. We will be writing a big one to expand upon all that the magazine would include but the screenshots would have given you some hints!
  4. These monthly magazines would be a paid product – both online & offline. Don’t worry, they would be very reasonably priced and you won’t have to part with your monthly chai sutta to make way for it. Mother promise!

PS: There is a super-senti post in making as an appeal to all our amazing readers & aspirants to help us crowd source some real money so that we scale up across platform and languages. Fingers crossed!

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