Kicking the tolerance/ intolerance debate

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So… India is now intolerant?

For millennia, India has faced several invasions from outside, many of them even massacred thousands. But, people of India adjusted to them and accepted them.Now, don’t go so back in history, just see after independence. Remember Sikh Massacre after Indira Gandhi assassination(1984)? Gujarat riots(2002), Muzzafarpur riots(2013), few days back here in Phulwari Sarif, Patna(2015), curfew was imposed.

Well, if you don’t know, let me tell you…As per the Indian constitution, public order and police are state subjects as enumerated in the state list of 7th schedule. That means state has the responsibility for maintaining public order. However, state has responsibility,but for this non sense killing/rioting a government cannot be held responsible. It is the people, illiterate people, whose religiosity is more than required. It is these people who are ready to kill anyone on the name of saving GOD. Also, in my opinion, hatred towards a ‘particular’ community is a result of terrorism. This intolerance in India can be attributed to these terrorist acts and terrorism. They contribute and make people more intolerant towards others.Intolerance is growing all over the world, not just in India as you may see 13 out of 50 states of USA are now not ready to accept even one refugee from Syria and Iraq after Paris attacks. Even earlier Germany and Hungary closed their border for refugees. Anti-muslim protest can be seen in Paris and other part of the world.

As fas as India is concerned, I cannot see any civil war going out here. People are living in peace. However, as already stated some people initiate communal riot and these illiterates will continue to do so. That doesn’t mean we should blame someone else for the act of these rascals.Now, as Amir Khan said his wife asked her that she want to leave India. I want to say one thing. Under article 21 of the Indian constitution, every Indian has a right to leave country. And this is a fundamental right, who are we to stop anyone?India is tolerant, however, this situation is somewhat created to destabilize the government and the country and to show to the world that India is intolerant and not invest here and to hamper its economic growth.Also, communal riot is not new in india.

It’s happening for more than a century. There was days when Hindu and Muslims lived in peace and communal riot was unknown in India as Hindu and muslim both fought soldier to soldier in 1857 mutiny. This communal problem is a result of historic process and british policy of divide and rule. As you may already know British gave active support to Muslim communalism and little support to Hindu communalism as no one can please both communalism at same time. This communalism resulted in partition of this country in 1947. This policy of divide and rule is well adopted by some Indians who use this for their own benefit.

Even doctored video and images are circulated to fan communal violence. All thanks to social media! Also, some communal news channels are always ready to propagate their agenda. Don’t fall prey to these communal people and stay away from any violence. Now, you decide yourself, India is tolerant or not.

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