Are justice, freedom and equality doles to the ruled, given by the superior authority (nature) or by the government? (150 W)

Every society strives for equality, human values, right and duties. But it raises the basic questions – whether these rights are inherent to the individual or given by the government.
• It is the debate of ‘Positive Law’ and ‘Natural Law’. Natural law begins with the premise thatall of our rights come from God or nature and are inherent to our being. Positive law, on the other hand, believes that our rights are granted by the government, society or other men and therefore can be taken back by them as well.
• If seen in the present context, justice, freedom and equality are dependable on the government. If it is granted by the Constitution or the state then only it is applicable. As in case of North Korea, these rights are highly restricted because of the government there. If it had been inherent then it would have been equal in all the regions.
• The culture, socially approved norms also equally plays an important role, that’s why every nation even democratic, places reasonable restrictions on the people to maintain just and stable society. This shows that no rights are absolute.

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