Due to the contemporary developments in the information technology and convergence, the accesses of adults and children to media including variety of entertainment have increased. The children have impressionable minds and the quality of entertainment would have a bearing on them even when they grow adults. One moderately rich family has two children who have given mobile phones to their children with internet connection so that they can complement their studies with huge amount of information and aids available on the internet. Father encourage children to ‘grow with the technology of their times’ and rather than ‘forcing discipline’ on them. However, there is also misuse of information technology. The students are engaging in many undesirable activities outside the school, especially their exposure to many computer games (Blue Whale Challenge, Dead Space 2, Mortal Kombat, Medal of Honour, Call of Duty Black OPS, New Vegas etc.), which are known to be fatal and addictive, impinging on their education and value systems. In this context, what steps parents can take to stop such new and pervasive kind of menace due to the unrestricted use of the computers and mobile phones? Also discuss importance of “forced discipline” in this case. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • Start by explaining the fact that – In the contemporary world, we suffer from information explosion and are consumed by the influence of technology where the rational mind takes over the emotional mind.
  • In the body discuss the nuances of the case – As in the above case overuse of mobile phones are having detrimental effect on children. As children have low maturity level and have impressionable brains thus vulnerable to distractions. Suggest strategy for discipline.
  • Conclude with importance of discipline and sometimes forced discipline.
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