You are a civil servant posted in a state where elections were recently held. The newly elected Chief Minister had promised to ban alcohol in several of his election campaigns as well as his election manifesto, which was widely praised and supported by women of the state. Fulfilling his electoral promise, the Chief Minister has ordered a blanket ban on the sale of alcohol in the state. Following the ban, concerns have been raised about the feasibility of the ban and whether the government should interfere in what is considered by many to be a matter of personal choice. (a) Who are the stakeholders in this case and how are they affected by the ban? (b) Is blanket ban on alcohol a feasible action? (c) Identify the issues that may arise while enforcing the ban and the steps you will take to handle them, as a civil servant. 10 marks

Mentor’s comment-

  • In the introduction briefly explain the case study.
  • In the body identify the stakeholders in the case and the effect of alcohol ban on them. Comment on whether blanket ban is a feasible action or a coercive action taken by the government. State the issues that will arise after the enforcement and suggest measures to handle them.
  • Conclude with the fair and balanced solution.
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