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New Species of Burrowing Frog: Sphaerotheca Varshaabhu


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Prelims level: Sphaerotheca Varshaabhu

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Sphaerotheca Varshaabhu


  • In a remarkable discovery, researchers have unveiled an entirely new frog species Sphaerotheca Varshaabhu, the rain-welcoming frog, thriving within the urban landscape of Bengaluru.

About Sphaerotheca Varshaabhu

  • A Fresh Discovery: Sphaerotheca Varshaabhu is not just a frog; it’s a newly identified frog species.
  • Name’s Significance: The name ‘Sphaerotheca Varshaabhu’ derives its meaning from its unique behavior of emerging from burrows with the onset of early showers, symbolizing its affinity for rain.
  • Distinctive Attributes: This recently unearthed amphibian boasts distinctive characteristics that differentiate it from known frog species.
  • Urban Adaptation: What sets Sphaerotheca Varshaabhu apart is its remarkable adaptation to urban surroundings. It showcases behaviors and physical attributes that equip it to overcome challenges posed by urbanization.
  • Scientific Confirmation: The research team employed advanced genetic analysis, in-depth morphological studies, and bio-acoustics to definitively establish the distinctiveness of this newfound amphibian.

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