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What is Agni Kandakarnan Theyyam?


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Theyyam ritual dance

Mains level : NA

Ritual dance Agni Kandakarnan Theyyam performing at the Kaliyattam festival has begun in Kannur, Kerala.

What is Theyyam?

  • Theyyam is a popular thousand-year-old ritual form of dance worship in Kerala and Karnataka, India.
  • The people of these districts consider Theyyam itself as a channel to a god and they thus seek blessings from Theyyam.
  • There are about 456 types of Theyyam.
  • Theyyam is performed by males, except the Devakoothu theyyam; the Devakoothu is the only Theyyam ritual performed by women.
  • It is performed only in the Thekkumbad Kulom temple.

Major types of performances

  • Vishnumoorthi: It is the most popular Vaishnava Theyyam. This theyyam narrates and performs the story of Hiranyakashipu’s death by the Lord Vishnu in his avatar of Narasimham.
  • Sree Muthappan Theyyam: It consists of two divine figures is considered as the personification of two divine figures— the Thiruvappana or Valiya Muttapan (Vishnu) and the Vellatom or Cheriya Muttapan (Shiva).
  • Padikutti Amma: It is believed to be the mother of Muthapan. The Padikutti Amma Theyyam is performed in the Palaprath Temple in Kodallur near Parassini Kadavu in the Meenam (a Malayalam month)


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