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Revisiting the Basics

Questions, suggestions and comments

  1. Biswajit Mondal

    Sir ,Want to make 2 suggestions.
    1. Please categorize ur website as study .. Currently its uncategorized.. My office firewall blocks access to such sites… This is a humble please please do it .
    2. In the app please provide option tobookmark and filter in the blog section like the news section…

    And i dont know how to thank you ..

  2. eswara babu

    Sir, Please cover in next part the other 3 forms of traditional theatre art forms

  3. Praveen “VSR” Kumar

    Good, comprehensive and readable infograph. Thank you.

    The left out three traditional theatre forms of India are:

    Koodiyattam, Moodiyettu, both are conferred UNESCO’s Intangible heritage.

    The other one is Tamaasha, a traditional folk theatre form of Maharashtra.Unlike other theatre forms, in Tamaasha the female actress is the chief exponent of dance movements in the play. She is known as Murki.

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