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How to best use Civilsdaily for my IAS Prep?

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Let’s set your expectations straight. At the end of this read – you will understand how you can adapt to the changing UPSC syllabus by being a regular at Civilsdaily. You will understand the power of connected NEWS for a better analysis via our concept of STORY when you look back and read all of them.

You will come to appreciate our one pointed focus on making daily news and related static concepts (b2bs) easy for you guys.

Trust us when we say this – unlike overwhelming writing practice or daily dose of daunting 5,000+ words long articles, our seemingly simple but connected news & stories go a long way in making you feel on top of the major happenings of the world around you.

Civilsdaily lets you remember everything important that happens around you and use that information in a way to make yourself more productive.

At the examination hall, on the D-day, if you remember the key points of most of the major themes and stories of the year, you are going to ace Pre & Mains – come what may!


So, here we are, writing a long but practical blog post which is going to help you understand, explore and utilize CIVILSDAILY to its maximum potential for the exams to come. Read this one very carefully.

#1. Use the calendar widget the read daily news from the NEWS tab

  • Every day, we pluck out the most relevant daily news and push it on our FREE android app as well as the NEWS’ tab at
  • Since many of you do not keep up with daily news, we designed a calendar widget to help you go back in time – any date & any month! Available in both english and hindi (hindi translations are available after 6 PM everyday)
  • So, go to the NEWS tab – click on a date – toggle on the language and scroll down to read the most important summaries of the NEWS

#2. What do I do after NEWS reading? These are just 4-5 points. Is this going to help me clear IAS?

  • These are not just any 4-5 points – these are the most relevant 4-5 points. What’s more – once you are done reading the NEWS, go and click the green text next to the orange tree on each newscard
  • Once you click on the green text next to the orange tree – you go to the mother of all pages on the “State of Forest in India” where you can see all the related news stacked up wrt this topic. Isn’t that awesome! No more concerns about revising news from a week before – everything is already stacked for you!
  • Whenever we have a news item relevant to this TOPIC/ STORY, we will keep adding it here so that you never lose a trail.
  • And to make sure that you also get detailed analysis on an ongoing story – we have inserted another tab – CD Explains on each story page

If you have been a Civilsdaily user for long, then you would be happy to know that we have shifted most of the CD Explains articles in their relevant stories so that you lose no time in searching for them!

For the new users, this is the best time to start using Civilsdaily. Read and make notes! Which brings to our most important segment of the day –

#3. What the hell is a story and how is it going to help me in my IAS Prep?

A story is a collection of related newscards. This is the most innovative method to stay in touch with news (past & present). This is what UPSC wants to test you on – your ability to analyse a news better and connect the dots!

Click on a story and you can track down all the important changes which happened on that theme over the last few months – sometimes even year!

Click on any of these stories and you can go back and read the trail of news + CD Explains articles which we would have written about that topic.

In case, you find that we have not written the CD Explains on a particular story – go ahead and suggest what you want us to write about. We are always listening!

#4. Use the forum to the fullest – a lot can happen over discussions

Ask questions – Get answers. Participate in discussions – grow your knowledge. Help your peers – get helped by our moderators.

Good Karma always helps!

#5. Blogs, blogs & blogs

To make sure that we do not miss the static portions of your syllabus, we write elaborate writeups on course modules which are difficult to understand from textbooks and coachings institutes. There’s more – Toppers Strategies, How to clear guides, Daily motivation etc etc.

Add to that, to help you discover old related blogs, we introduced a concept of “Collections”. Here are 3 quick steps to find the related blog posts.

#6. Monthly Magazine – CivilsDigest E-book

And one last thing, to make sure that you get the best of monthly news and blogs, we started out with state of art magazines every month – get your copy from here – CivilsDigest Magazine – Click to buy

That’s it! This is all you need to do to take the best out of Make sure you download our FREE App to get daily news in crisp, clean layout.

If you still have doubts, please put in your comments below.

Questions, suggestions and comments

  1. Ravindra Patted

    For iOS users this app is not Available

  2. Rahul Pathania

    Which is the best app for IAS preparations:-
    Civilsdaily or Unacademy
    Please comment

    1. Subhajeet Chakraborti

      Both are equally good, use whichever you like. Best would be both.

  3. Shamili

    I was going to thank Civils Daily for the blog and still will. Thank you for the blog and the efforts being put in to make our lives easier. I’m very grateful 🙂
    However, I want to make a point. I found the Shakti Kapoor, the Damsel in distress sequence very distressing. It reinforces the view about helpless women and is sexist in all senses of the term, along with being a joke about sexual assault, which normalizes it. I hope CD would refrain from such jokes in future. I also hope I am understood in the right spirit. There is a topic about gender sensitization and issues affecting women in UPSC. Aspirants should not just write things in the paper to fetch marks, but also have the guts to point out such things on any platform or day to day life.

    1. prajwal

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Even I got disturbed by it, and the first impression of the people behind the civils daily, to me, was really bad. It is necessary we all understand that the things we accept in the way of humour, become the things we are desensitised to. Very unknowingly we keep reinforcing the gender, caste, racial norms, and this starts with our own families and by our own parents. I have always found it very difficult to make people understand. Though I am sad that civils daily didn’t change it, happy to see a likeminded person. Hope you get into service soon. ATB.

      1. Confused Billi

        Removed it guys. Trust us, Both of you guys have a valid perspective and that was not the intent of the pic (which has been removed).

        1. prajwal

          Hey Billi,
          I appreciate your quick response. I have no doubt that your intention was noble. Actually, this was exactly the fellow respondent and I was trying to point out, that we sometimes do a lot of harm without the assumed intentions. Thanks.
          P.S. I liked your profile picture (billi).

          1. Confused Billi

            We understand. The unintended side effects of some old Bollywood fun are intriguing 🙂

  4. Ankita Dutta

    Where is the PIB Newscard in excel format in the documents section? Just found the civils digest and Prelims daily.

  5. Ronny jawale

    When’s CD & PIB summary for June coming in the online store ?

    1. Root

      By EOD today. The TS students would have gotten their copies on their Prelims Platform by now. Please check under documents section.

  6. gayathri venkataramanan

    Hi, I have a very basic question, it’s little late though! I am preparing for prelims 2017 and my focus is completely on it. I have joined your flagship prelims modeule. Although it is better to prepare simultaneously for mains, I am not able to afford time for that. Also I have not yet decided about my optional subject for mains. Please guide me how and when to plan for mains. Thanks!

    1. Confused Billi

      This should be your guide –

      Find 30 mins daily for these.

      1. gayathri venkataramanan

        Thanks , That was helpful. Is there any initiative for philosophy optional?

  7. Er S


  8. Shailendra Prajapati

    Hello sir plz clear my doubts..
    1. Sir/mam jab apki news already short and relevant h tab fir hame notes banane ki kya jarurat or agar banay b to kese banane chaie?
    2.sir agar ham daily apko follow karte h to fir last month me magazine leni kya jarurat h jab ham notes is platform se already bana rahe h?
    3.or agar magazine le bhi lete h tab kya ham daily 2 hours kya current affair hi padhte rahe ya fir koi or techniques? Plz suggest…

  9. pramod sonwane

    hello CD,

    Sir aapne hum hindi ias aspirants ke liye jo kaam kiya hai usaki sarahana jitani ki jaye utani kam hai….”The Hindu news in hindi”……!!!
    Lekin sir feb 2016 se hi news hindi me hai usase pehale wale news hindi me nahi dikhate. plz sir wo bhi hindi me convert kare upto august 2015.

    Thank you so much.

  10. Pranav Pathak

    Hello CD,

    When scroll down to the 2nd page of Govt schemes, it just disappears. Please look into it. Ideally it should stop scrolling signalling the end of all posts on the page.

    Or is it that there are more but are not loading?


    1. Root

      There are only 2 pages to the schemes. If you go past them it just blanks out for a moment just to give you a shocker and make you slide up 😉

      You aren’t missing anything – those are all that we have put in there.

  11. Pranav Pathak

    Hi CD

    I am unable to see options at the bottom due to overlap of the “Over 2 lac users” border which has been here for quite sometime. Is there a way to finish the screen above this border? This is in reference to the site and not the app.

    1. Root

      It’s a problem when you see the page over mobile web OR even on desktop web in general? Let us look into this! This is a tricky, slimy strip which needs to be put 😛

      1. Pranav Pathak

        I haven’t checked in mobile web but it is there on the general desktop web version. I agree absolutely has to be put. \n
        🙂 Go CD!! \n

        It has been this way for at-least a month now.\n

        Btw do you guys use somekind of wiki platform for the comments section. As it randomly takes away the spaces I put between paragraphs. Would a “\n” work?

  12. Pranav Pathak

    Hi Root,

    Is it possible to see all stories under a category at the moment? If not then , would it be possible to group stories category wise?

    Because right now all the stories are under the stories tab and let’s say if I want to revise S&T, I go to S&T category and find all news cards. If on the other hand I go to category and have the ability to choose all stories within the category, I can make better use of the newscards and this will also help in better revision.

    Please tell me if such a feature already exists


    1. Root


      Right now – you cannot go to stories in this manner. You can only click on categories and then go to individual newscards. We will iron out these pathways in future.

  13. Pratik Waikar

    So only reading news which u provide daily are sufficient ? No need to read Hindu or Indian express ?

    1. Devnandan Kumar

      How can u ignore #the_hindu..its like bible..?

  14. akshat garg

    Does the monthly magazine also consist the stories blogs or just the newscards?

    1. qwe327386

      I have 3 complaints –
      1) As shown in Que#3 , the “STORIES” option is not available in CivilsDaily Android App.
      2) “CD Explains” section is absent in App.
      3) Also, “Click on any date and scroll down to read” can’t be done in App.
      Pliz help.

      1. Root

        1.) While you are reading the newscard – look out for the orange strip in the bottom – click on it and you will be taken to the story page
        2.) You will find the CD explains tab there
        3.) App has a filter by month only

    2. Sumer Shah

      all newscards + choicest blogs.

  15. Popeye thesailorman

    Hi CD,
    Really Excellent Work is being done here on this platform,
    With the News, Stories, Blogs & Collections it’s becoming a truly joyful experience to prepare current affairs and related issues,
    My request here is in the Stories section , please sort them based on the last updated date. Like in blogs where we can read the latest on the top, similarly if stories are also sorted based on the last updated date as first, its easy to prepare and make notes..

    Thank you

    1. Sumer Shah

      Popoye dost,

      NEWS tab mein jaa and top left mein story pe click karke story pe koodo… That is the beauty of connected news – as and when a story becomes relevant its news comes up and then you can revise the history…

  16. IAS 2017

    hello CD,Can any 1 here explain me about the difference btw the term nation-state ???????not as per constitution ex like we call Srilanka is a state with 2 nations(how?) where as India is a state with many nations? doctor sir plzz explain…..?

    1. Dr V

      Yess you are right.. nation is a community with shared culture, heritage, history, language, ethnicity etc .
      So the concept of Italian natinalism was based on Italian language, descendents of great roman empire so shared history etc

      State is a body which has the monopoly of violance in its earmarked territory. That’s why citizens are not allowed to shoot except in self defence while state cam punish an individual with death penalty.

      So srilanka has 2 nations. India is nation in the making, don’t say too many nations. Freedpm struggle is our common history which binds us together.

      Read ncert class 12 sociology book last chapter. Very nicely explained.

    2. Focus Ias

      Interesting sawall –

      A state is the means of rule over a defined or “sovereign” territory. It is comprised of an executive, a bureaucracy, courts and other institutions.

      State = govt + citizens + nation + judiciary (i guess)

      A nation is just the area within a boundary, I guess. These are technical definitions used by Pol science people.


    Respected Sir,

    In your December volume you had a part covered from back to basics which was simply awesome. Sadly you choose not to cover it in future editions which is very demotivating. Kindly do cover it in future editions so that we have better clarity over basic issues.

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Root


      b2b are a regular feature at the app and magazine. It’s just that we removed the [b2b] tag from the headline to save on space.

      All the cards with topics – Learn more about xyz, Do you know abc etc are b2b cards.

  18. Mohammed Mohaideen

    Sir, can you provide an index of sub categories like Economic Planning, Governance etc. It would be flexible for us to read. Thank you for the post.

    1. Root

      That would be too much granular. For now – we have revamped the homepage to help you discover older articles in a better way.

  19. Vinod Reddy

    Sir, I only need One thing.. Even though iam following your app from Long ages.. Even sometimes acted as a brand ambassador for ur app.. Now I want only one thing.. All your Cards and Blogs from Aug to March 2016 in SINGLE PDF OR A Zip.. Plz.. I want to revise and I can’t be online forever to revise them.
    U can send me or openly on website.. Thank you

    1. Rini Sen


      Buy their monthly magazines – it’ s pdf and contains all newscards.

      1. Vinod Reddy

        I already bought all monthly magazines.. But am not asking about the Cards.. I want Blogs.. Which are not even shown in app to read.. For reading them we always want to open this website which is time taking process.. As prelims are very near.. I don’t want to waste my time on websites which take time to load.. So I want in a zip or pdf.. All blogs.. Thank you

  20. Reenu Thomas Malayil

    Whats the difference between the Yellow tree symbol on the left and red paper symbol on the right on your newscards CivilsDaily?

    1. Udit Pandey

      i brief with eg. red means The topic and yellow are sub topic under it like in todays u see……..What is CITES? under it you see Environmental Conservation and Mitigation strategy in yellow that is sub topic……… also got to see Conservation & Mitigation in red when u click it…… u get this

      Conservation & Mitigation(MAIN TOPIC)

      Their Sub topics……….

      1. Conservation Progs.
      2. Worldwide initiatives
      3. Mitigation Strategies
      4. Conventions and Protocols

      as main topic generally remains same but subtopic can be added under as something new come up to include inside it………

    2. Suraj Dash

      Lol. Good question.
      Red paper seems to be a category (section of syllabus)
      The yellow tree seems to be only for stories (stories inside some categories). There can be many stories inside one category.

  21. Jitendra Gupta

    Hello civilsdaily..
    You are doing a wonderful job….
    On your website, changing language button is clearly visible and it is good to read all stories in Hindi for Hindi medium students like me…
    But I couldn’t find changing language button in your app…
    Old help to change language from English to Hindi in civilsdaily app..

    1. Root


      The hindi translations are available on the web only. You need to go to the news OR the story tab and toggle the hindi/ english switch to read them.

      App as of now is only in english – we are working on adding this feature there as well.

      1. Aim High

        Sir can we filter all back2basics in app?
        such facility is not there i think..
        will you provide.?? plz.??

  22. Raghava Sandeep Reddy

    All the strategy is OK then how should one expect to make essay from the current affairs in concisely being stick to different authentic sources in advance from the other websites …….if we elaborate the CA into the essay module means how the uPSC asks your ability from the current trends then only aspirants gratitude towards CD …..this is my personal opinion nothing to do conflicts among others

    1. Root

      If you follow any of the stories (STORY TAB) – you will find the evolution of news from the beginning to the end. That will help you form an opinion on any nationa/ intl. development.

      Look into the CD explains tab for more elaborations on those concepts. Hope that it will give you more clarity…

  23. Bhargava Tadi

    I guess this one best Android app which reduces lot of effort for CA, very much liked your design and concept. Your articulation & content is really helping my preparation.

    You missed one thing, filtering the topics with Sci & tech, Ecology, etc for the news happened till now. This design is fantastic and one more flaw there is no search option in Android app, it will be useful if you integrate search option.

    Thanks a lot for your team and your efforts.

    1. Root

      1. Filtering of news by category is possible in the app. Go ahead and look for it.
      2. Search functionality is not there as of now. We will be working towards it in our later versions. For now, use the internal search on the website to look out for any info

      1. Bhargava Tadi

        Yeah, I know the first one, I am using it now. I have given feedback for that; the design is fantastic which is helpful for every aspirant.

        I want to see changes in the second one if it is implemented that would be useful for us.

        Anyways kudos for your effort and your team for making such wonderful app !!

  24. Focus Ias

    Thanks much for this sitemap! Abhi kuch din pehle hi some of us were discussing the same. CD should release a step by step guide etc…

  25. Udit Pandey

    how do you suggest to make notes through that as they are already in the simplified form

  26. Udit Pandey

    believe me if you prepare like this………….u will defiantly get through prelims as well as mains in 1st attempt like i did this year………………..

    1. Root

      That is awesome to hear Udit. How did your interview go?

  27. Anurag Dixit

    I was already a Jabra Fan,much much earlier..:D

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