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Polity Titbits: Constitutional, Statutory and quasi judicial bodies

Constitutional bodies

Appointment Tenure Removal Process of removal Eligibility for reappointment w/i govt
Attorney general (Advocate general) President (governor) Pleasure of President (governor) President (governor) No reason need to be mentioned Yes
Election Commission (SEC) President (governor) 6 years/ 65 President CEC and SEC by special majority

Other ECs on recommendation of CEC

Finance commission (SFC) President (governor) Specified by president NA NA yes
UPSC (SPSC) President (governor) 6 years/ 65 President After enquiry by supreme court Members can become Chair, state members can become chair or member or chair of UPSC
CAG President 6 years/ 65 President Special majority NO


Statutory bodies

Appointment Committee members Other members tenure Removal
NHRC (SHRC) President (governor) 6 (PM + LOP lok sabha) Speaker, deputy CP RS, LOP RS, home minister 5 years/ 70 President after supreme court inquiry
CIC (SIC) President (governor) 3 ((PM + LOP lok sabha) Cabinet minister nominated by PM 5 years/ 65 President (governor for CIC) after supreme court inquiry
CVC President (governor) 3 ((PM + LOP lok sabha) Home minister 5 years/ 65 President after supreme court inquiry
Lokpal President 5 (PM + LOP lok sabha Speaker, CJI, eminent jurist 5 years/ 70 Like a supreme court judge

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