Polity Titbits: Panchayati Raj- Local governance

Local self government: various committees

Balwant Rai Mehta Committee Ashok Mehta GVK rao Singhvi
Mandate To examine working of Community development programme and national extension services To study Panchayati Raj Administrative arrangement for rural development and poverty alleviation Revitalisation of panchayati raj
Suggestion 3 tier Panchayati Raj linked through indirect election 2 tier – Zila Panchayat and Mandal Panchayat District the unit of planning, post of district development commissioner Constitutional protection to panchayati raj


Local governance

Panchayat Municipalities
Constitutional amendment 73rd 74th
Schedule 11th (29 items) 12th (18 items)
DPSP article 40 NA
Tier/ type 3 tier Not tier but 3 types depending on size of urban areas



  1. 1st panchayati raj institution in Nagore (Rajasthan)
  2. 1st municipality Madras (British times)
  3. Gram sabha is assembly of all the voters of gram panchayat
  4. 74th amendment deals with district planning committee
  5. ⅓ reservation for women in all posts
  6. State election commission appointed by governor to conduct polls
  7. State finance commission appointed by governor
  8. Min age to contest election is 21 years
  9. Duration is 5 years, if dissolved before that, next panchayat serves only remaining years
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