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13 Nov 2016 | Target Mains: Weekly Essay Challenge

  • The only meaning of success is living your life the way you want to.

    Instructions: Write the following essay in 1000-1200 words.

    Read this post to understand the main points for this topic.
    The video below contains some discussion about the essay.

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  •  Discuss @discuss

    Hi, a blog post and video containing a discussion of the essay have been attached below the question.

  •  Abhishek Kumar @abhishekkumar7

    Success is like when your dream comes true.Doing extra ordinary,expensive and shinning doesn’t means you are success.what is your exact Goal for life. Society and present status set your dreams what we see day to day life and think is set our goal for life.For Example Indian captain Ms Dhoni was working as TTE in Kharagpur.he got very good government job.But he doesn’t success for him.He feel success when his dreams comes true.
    From childhood people doesn’t know about success.He is success when his parents and societies feel it.Within time he understands what is actually meaning of success.He start settings success for his life.Some parents set success for his child.
    What you want doesn’t success some time people and society is very important.Success is conclusions of you life.A thief get success whenever he stolen something.Does it mean success.
    Success is comes with happiness and enjoyment of you and your surroundings.

  •  Shubham Srivastava @shubham200292

    Success is a relative term, depending on person to person and their situation changing from time to time, a life where you have money and a “rpti kapda makkan” theory is not success according to me
    Success needs satisfaction, day in day out we know of many people who have joined some organization, being payed well, enjoying their life but yet unhappy.
    there is always something missing in their life creating unstability in their mind.
    Then comes the statement that they are now living a life they wanted but then what went wrong, why does a professor or a doctor or for that matter an advocate like gandhiji leave their lavish life and go to villages away from all the hub and noise to find peace, or to find themselves.
    Answer is in uncertainty. Life is unpredictable taking you through a roller coaster ride. what we feel will give us satisfaction, may not necessarily give it once we achieve the feat.
    Success although will come once you find peace and enjoy what you do. for me helping someone gives immense satisfaction, therefore i have to opt for a job where i can serve or anything that enables me to help.
    thus sitting on a computer in a office will not satisfy me, but then society rules forces you to take up a job and earn to sustain oneself. this sustenance would then become a necessity and the work will be continued with disinterest.

  •  shruthi davuluri @shruthid

    “The only meaning of success is living your life the way you want” – Write the following essay in 1000-1200 words.

    The literal meaning of “success” is – ‘to accomplish an aim or purpose”. Deriving the essence of the statement based on this, it can be broadly be inferred that living your life in your own defined terms, is the only purpose of it. While there is a meaning in living or leading your life by your set principles and desires, there is also a broader consideration such as ethical or human values which are inevitable parameters when we define our very purpose of life, on its wholesome.
    Talking about success, if we can talk about few most successful people of the world today, we naturally tend to quote a few “influential” people, who have influenced the world massively through their breakthrough either financially, socially or scientifically. We call Bill Gates successful, because of the benign technological impact he created in the world. We call Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi or even Mother Teresa successful through the social impact they have brought into the world. We call a Thomas Edison or an Einstein successful because of the scientific breakthroughs they had brought in to this world.
    On the other side, what defines success? Going purely with the literal meaning of the word, it is just to accomplish an aim. Was Osama bin Laden successful in accomplishing his aim to bring the Americans to despair? Yes he was. Did he live his life in the way he wanted? Yes he did. And is that the only meaning of success? Guess not. Consider a Hitler, for instance, he certainly had his well-defined motives, well-plotted schemes and strategies to achieve them and his well-established resources like decision-making power and the man power to accomplish them. And he indeed was successful in leading his life in the way he exactly ‘wanted’. And can we say that he lived up to the true meaning of success? Guess not! In fact, certainly not!
    What then distinguishes the later set of people to the former bunch? It is the parameters they chose to define their success. There would be a lot of factors that would define the value parameters that an individual chooses in his life. These factors would be influenced by every positive and negative impact that the individual faces since his early age. Those eventually contribute to define one’s value parameters for leading his life. Unfortunately, it’s not all rosy in each of our lives. In fact, it’s not at all appreciable in few societies and in few individuals’ lives. If we consider the environment that the children grow up in constantly war-struck regions, it is quite natural that they tend to polarize themselves towards hatred instead of love. It is natural for them to cultivate a vengeful attitude towards to one who is responsible for their grief. And once they grow up to become teenagers or adults, the meaning towards their lives’ purpose is solely based on the foundations of injustice, hatred and vengeance. And based on this, they tend to define their own success factors.
    Interestingly, man has this great gift of ‘freedom of choice’, which he is always entitled to exhibit in every walk of his life. And this freedom of choice, how it is used by a few strong personalities or call them influencers, always tends to become the game changer, either positively or negatively.
    Let’s consider a few personalities, who have shown classic variations in their choice of attitude towards life and a successful life. Nelson Mandela of South Africa for instance, is one of the many unfortunate ones, who was discriminated to the core, just because of the colour of his skin. He suffered Apartheid to the same draining extent and as other black people in the country. After his long fight for equality and dignity of blacks, Indians, coloured to be on par with the whites, he had his choice, either to ruthlessly drive all the white people out of the country or to even kill them, or to embrace all human beings irrespective of their skin colour, and give them the respect and dignity that they deserve. That is the “Spirit of Reconciliation” he has presented to this world, irrespective of the injustice he faced for 67 years of his life. That very attitude towards life made him a ‘Hero’ for many, all over the world.
    The same is true with our very own Mother Teresa. She being a woman, she being a foreigner in a land which was majorly indulged in numerous social evils of a patriarchal society, stood up to fight a battle all alone, for the sake of her love towards the poor and the destitute. Today, she is referred as a “Mother” to everyone. This is also an example of a life led purely based on the freedom of choice and based on the value parameters we build up, in spite of the not-so conducive environments that we grow up under.
    The values one bases his attitude towards life, must always be on what is good and beneficial to the broader world we live in and towards humanity, rather than driving the justification for the malignancy. This in turn drives one’s desires and wants in life. And the desire within, pursues the success of the ambition.
    Therefore, in conclusion, for it is, as much natural and pleasurable to lead our lives pursing our wants and desires, it must also be considered on what we truly urge to accomplish. Once these two are established to bring greater good for humanity, there must be nothing hindering the success, of achieving what we want!

  •  Sachin Yadav @yadavsachin0995

    My essay isn’t posted. What’s the reason behind that?

  •  Ampere @abhinavmanasp

    Hey I do have a small question, do we need to support the statement or can we contradict or choose Madhya Marga? I mean the conclusion, should it be a Yes for the question?

    •  Pranav Pathak @pranavce15

      you should show both facets but I think the answer should be in a negative or Madhya Marga.

      you might want to live like a wanderer with utter disregard to old parents, differently abled siblings. How could that ever be called success?

      Peace and contentment <which i believe are greater parameters of success> is a greater virtue and it doesn’t require a definite path for it comes from within.

    •  Ritesh Kumar @riteshkumar10000

      I dont think that you can contradict the statement of the essay. Essays which will require you to look into both positives and negatives will have question kind of statement… say for example… should media be restrained in what it must report? or maybe like Is India’s soft power working against itself? still I would like to hear what others are saying. I had gone through Roman Saini’s video where he said that we cannot contradict the given statement of the essay unless it asks like a question. What say people?

  •  Sachin Yadav @yadavsachin0995


  •  Sachin Yadav @yadavsachin0995

    At times in life, we often find ourselves dug into the severe emotion of guilt, anxiety, dependence, failure, thoughts that provoke the devil side of us. Where does that come from? Some of us are living luxurious life, basic perhaps, earning a decent six figure income, yet we find ourselves in the dilemma of making it one more day to the work, we boast about the lifestyle, about how good we are doing in life, yet inside, we know that we are struck in the fish hook, bounded within the decisions of the past that may or may not be leading us to the future that we want for us. We ain’t free. Are we? This is the question we keep ignoring, subconsciously.
    Every morning as I return from my jog, I find this awfully poor but hard-working roadside vendor feeding the street dogs, at times with biscuits, at times with cake. His face, bursting with constant cheer as the dogs and some puppies chase him down the street and with this I’m left with the question of what is success all about? Another neighbor of mine, a cloth merchant refugee of Pakistan, with an over-whelming smile on his face drops his children to the school bus, greeting everyone down the street irrespective of what religion they belong to, is this the sign of happiness? I’ve never seen the man speak above the frequency of mere Hz, is he the happiest man I know? Or is it my Doctor, a former assistant to a MBBS veteran, now a master in his field, who doesn’t care how much fee a patient puts on his table, he treats everyone with massive respect and equality.
    Often, I find myself contained in this thought, what is that which keeps them so happy with what they are doing? How does a roadside vendor makes peace with giving away an amount of money here earns after pulling his ferry for the whole day? How does a refugee, away from his land be so cherished and life affirming? What does the Doctor aspire if he doesn’t care for money? Doesn’t that mean, it’s the self-contentment in what they are doing which keeps them stuck to their profession with much consistency, doing the same thing every single day. They don’t get bored of doing this deed or the act of kindness in the above cases as this is what they derive by their profession. Is it something they might have opted for when they were young? No one would have aspired to pull a reddy for all their life or selling clothes for their living. The doctor however, might be doing what he aspired for when he was growing.
    But, when observed closely, though all of them had different dreams and aspirations, there is one thing in common that drives the humane in them. It’s the act of giving and serving others which they have nurtured while doing what they are doing now, which now has become the means of happiness to them. Though not prematurely retained, they now find themselves serving others through what they are doing right now. This might not be the way they would have wanted their life to be in the first place, but in this moment, they have made their peace with what they are doing by finding the purpose of their life of serving others which drives their happiness. They might have been somewhere else, doing something else but if it would have been for the cause they have aspired while growing up, they would have been happy there too. In the end, it doesn’t matter what profession are we into, as long as we are doing what are thoughts provoke us to do, we will find ourselves happy which is the sole definition of being successful.
    Concluding to the point, that success is something which comes from within, the thoughts that we nurture and cultivate while growing up, shapes the size and amount of success that we are going to find in whatever the profession we go into. For some, success could mean, using their intellect to produce an algorithm which is space-time friendly even if it takes 50 years, on the other hand, some might want huge sum of money to define their success. Success is all about how you feel from within about what you are doing and are you doing what you want.

  •  Simran Bains @simranbains



    Introduction – A quotation. Meaning of success. What it means to different people?

    Instances in support of the quote-

    *Alexander (the meaning of success for him. Vision of conquering the whole world. Leading from the front.)

    *Gandhi (success for him was walking on the path of truth, Satyagraha and non violence and never compromising on his moral values.)

    *Present era’s woman. What success means to her?

    Critical part of the quotation!


    -Challenges faced while living the life the way we want. The insecurities, the evils. A lady prefers staying independent. But, the challenges she faces while moving out of her house late in the night. Is she living the life the way she wants?

    *Climate change. Global warming. Yes, we do what we want to? But adverse impact of our efforts are on the environment.

    *Evils linked with women. Men do what they want to do. They oppose women from entering the places of worship in the name of age old traditions and customs. But is that success for women?

    *Socio-economic condition. Poverty, unemployment, destitution. This certainly is not the success of human race.

    *Failure in understanding the emotions of animals. Various atrocities against animals. Taming them chaining them using them for fun and entertainment in zoos and circuses. No, this certainly is not SUCCESS.

    Then what is the real meaning of success?

    -Freedom to what one wants to.

    -Self contentment.

    -Influencing others positively.

    -Lending helping hands in uplifting others.

    -Difference between happiness, contentment and success. Things that bring success, might not bring contentment and happiness and vice versa.

    CONCLUSION – Positive note. Success is a broader perspective. It is not confined merely with an individual’s progress and happiness. When the people around us proceed in life, then it is real success. Success is when people do the right things, in the right way…..!!!

    •  Abhishek Kumar @abhishekkumar7


  •  Muskan Dalal @muskandalal26

    “The more you praise and celebrates your life ,the more there is in life to celebrate” -Oprah winfrey
    Success is special and individual for each person and group, for a kid success may be winning games, for a researcher Solving a problem or innovation, for a businessman a big company with high profitability .we all have different numerators ,which are different goals for Social status and for living but all we have a common denominator for a truly successful life which includes:
    》wisdom – common sense and good judgements
    》Faith in heigher being
    》peace and joy
    And harmony between them enhances our ability to touch our spirituality .
    There are many persons who seems very happy and energetic all the time and no matter what designation they are holding and the simple reason is that they are living life moment to moment and in state of continuous grace ,completely present to everything that unfolds for them .They never have the feeling of incompleteness because they complete the thrust of true success by accepting their own definitions of success, not that one which stuck by the world .Their are many persons who are leader without titles and lead their lives and others also towards world of optimism and they are successful in true sense .
    The meaning of success is effected and changes vertically and horizontally .Horizontal line of life is very well defined in seven stages of life by William Shakespeare -Infant,school boy,lover,Soldier,justice,pantalone and Old age.A different meaning of life and success prevail at different stages for infant might be his first step and for lover is getting the beloved one in his life is most important goal at that time and for a old person diseases free life and enlightenment .The Vertical phases can be connected to Maslow need hierarchy theory which includes -1)physiological needs at grass root level 2)safty needs 3)Social needs 4) self esteem 5) Self-actualisation
    In this model every living being first motive is to fulfilled physiological needs and then after moves to others level and success meaning different at different stages ,BUT exceptional persons like Mirza galib , Bulleh shah enjoyed the self-actualisation and spiritual level directly without putting much for other levels and brought a new meaning of success which is still pathway for many people.
    The history itself having different meanings of success and life .In ancient time when life was at the crown of simplicity only food and safty was the uttermost requirements and as time passes social success was emerged and further kingship was on top ,but whenever the materialistic definations are trying to touching the extremes ,the true leaders come in limelight and show the right path and meanings of real achievements.The great Buddha’s teachings did same in Ashoka’s life .
    In present scenario youth is bending under social pressure and work accordingly. Most of people have a very narrow definations of success ,generally those who enjoying high rank are successful and due to this students have been committing suicides.In every 40 seconds a life lost through suicide and as per WHO data .Depression among the youth has increased rapidly and the core reason is social pressure And narrow meanings .
    The parents should support their child not only financially but mentally and socially as well .The true meanings of life and assurance of their acceptance at all level should be ensured .
    So the true success is the person who invented himself and reaching our potentials without compromising our values .All “W”(who,when.why…) family will end up with last one should enjoy every moment of life for having real freedom and lasting peace in life .
    Well said by Hermann Hesse
    ” each man had only one genuine vocation -to fjnd the way to himself…his task was to discover his own destiny-not arbitrary one -and live it out wholly and resolutely within himself.Everything else was only a would be existence ,an attempt at evasion ,a flight back to the ideals of the masses , conformity and fear of one’s own inwardness “

    •  Simran Bains @simranbains

      Hi @muskandalal26,
      The essay is less than 700 words, write more, so that it looks like a essay.
      Here’s my review of your essay. I’ll try and review it section by section.
      -The introduction has a quote. Good job. But the paragraph following it should always explain the quote.
      -The introductory paragraph is very nice!
      -There are a few grammatical mistakes, do proofreading to correct them.
      -Good use of seven stages of life by William Shakespeare!
      -Maslow’s need hierarchy theory!! By any chance, do you have public administration optional? 🙂
      -Inclusion of Bulleh Shah and Mirza Ghalib is a great idea!
      -The portion where you have included present scenario is a li’l messed up. It could have been presented in a better way.
      -It’s a decent attempt, could have been much better.
      Some suggestions,
      •The write up is full of philosophy (which is good because the theme itself it philosophical) But, where are examples? You need to include examples as to how the quotation is relevant or irrelevant!
      •When you read the topic, you’ll find a word, ONLY written there! Think over it, is the ONLY meaning of success, living your life the way you want to?
      •You didn’t come up with the other side of the coin. Yes, living my life the way I want is success!! But, is the only way to succeed? There are others things as well which define success for me. Touch over those areas and dimensions.
      •In the process of living our lives the way we want, we impact the environment too. But tell me, is it the real success?
      •Come up with more examples to justify both the sides of the topic.
      Hope it helps! 🙂

    •  Muskan Dalal @muskandalal26

      THANK U So much and very satisfied with your feedback and will improve next time .

  •  Nitin Ningaiah @nitin29687

    Please review

  •  Ritesh Kumar @riteshkumar10000
    •  Vanitha Amiable @vanithaamiable

      Conclusion would have been more better

  •  Himanshu Gupta @himanshugupta


    •  Bousiya begam @bousiya-begam

      Nice Essay

  •  Himanshu Gupta @himanshugupta

    Tried to write this essay and this is my first essay, I hope you all will give me feedback..

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