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23 Oct 2016 | Target Mains: Weekly Essay Challenge

  • Science and technology is the panacea for the growth and security of the nation.

    (Previous Year UPSC Topic)

    Instructions: Write the following essay in 1000-1200 words.

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  •  Lakshay Chowdhary @lakshaychy


    1. New-Doc-7.pdf
  •  Thaatcher Missier @infa3792

    Robert A. Heinlein quotes “Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.” Science and Technology has been the trendsetter in this regard. It has made all things that was once considered impossible, possible. From invention of fire till the genetic modifications as a cure to deadly ailments, science and technology has always laid the foundation for a new beginning. It has acted as a catalyst to the growth and development of the world.

    Science and technology has taken large steps forward in the creation of the world and the nations therewith. During the ancient civilizations, the discovery of fire, domestication of animals, trade, urban planning was all a part of the technological growth. India has always been a pioneer in the technological advancements in that era. A classical example is our ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Some of the important aspects of the civilization are as follows:
    1. Urban Planning – the houses, drainage systems, industries were well planned to suit the needs of the people
    2. Trade – Dockyards, trading with international partners.
    3. Manufacturing – From brick making to bead manufacturing was all indigenously done.

    The trend continued in the medieval and modern era as well. People always aimed at making lives better and comfortable. This aim converted anything that was theoretically impossible possible and established Science and Technology as the panacea to the growth and security of the nation.

    The growth of the nation is determined by various factors and science and technology as individually influenced each of these fields:
    1. Economy – The economic growth of the nation is highly determined by the growth of technology in any given field. For example, with modernization of agriculture more raw materials can be produced at a faster pace, thus influencing all kinds of industries in the economy.
    2. Human capital – An individual is entitled to a happy living. Science and technology has largely influenced the same. Today with the advancement of technology people perform less laborious task and can afford to spend more social time. For example, when a working professional wants to go on a family holiday, he can still work from anywhere, thanks to the birth of laptop, androids etc.
    3. Health – Today the death ratio in India has reduced considerably with 7 deaths per 1000 people. This is mainly because of the advancements made by science in healthcare. We have a cure for even the deadliest diseases, which looks incurable.
    4. Natural resources – Natural resources are not controlled by science and technology completely but their presence and growth are highly enhanced by technology. An important example is the use of satellites for resource mapping and remote sensing.

    Also the security of a nation is controlled by the scientists of the nation. Though the defence service, guard our borders, it is the scientist who act as catalyst for the same. From making of light combat aircrafts to nuke bombs science now has the power to make or break a nation. We are now like the scientist in the hands of the Frankenstein’s monster. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl stand examples to the adverse effects of science. The brighter side being, with agencies such as the UN laying down guidelines to the use of technology in various aspects, science has not fully overpowered its creator.

    Science and Technology has offered a nation growth and security from all forms of threats. However, it has its own set of de-merits. If the human population cannot control them, they will over-power us and this will turn the remedy into a bane.

    •  Srishti Srivastava @srishtisrivastava

      A great beginning to the essay. 🙂
      But, I feel you have not exhausted the word limit thoroughly. There is a scope for bringing out more points in the body.

  •  Pranav Pathak @pranavce15

    Also attached pdf, please review.. 🙂

    1. Panacea.pdf
    •  Simran Bains @simranbains

      Hey @pranavce15,
      I had to read your essay twice to correctly point out the errors. And I hope my review will help you improve your essay and score excellent marks in the paper. So here it goes,
      -You started off really well! Liked the flow of the essay which was maintained throughout the essay.
      -Loved the historical periodization that you presented from Aryabhatta to Dr. Kalam!
      -You’ve given varied examples, liked the diversity.
      -But, you forgot to touch the other side of the theme of the essay. Is science and technology the ONLY panacea for the growth and security of the nation? What are the problems and issues that couldn’t be solved and cannot be solved with the help of science and technology?
      •Poverty, unemployment
      •Social status of women
      •Atrocities against downtrodden and underprivileged
      I feel, whenever we write an essay, touching the critical aspect of the theme becomes very important to give it holistic approach.
      -Your essay is good, but not extra ordinary. There will be many who’ll be writing on the same lines. So, you need to include those areas which will not be included by many.
      -Also, conclusion is not very nice. Remember , conclusion should be appealing. And you can do this by including a quote.
      I hope you’ll find my review of some use.
      All the very best! 🙂

    •  Pranav Pathak @pranavce15

      Hey @simranbains, thanks so much!! Really appreciate the critical review. 🙂
      I failed to think on those lines while framing points.

      I had to read your essay twice to correctly point out the errors – is this supposed to be good or bad?


    •  Simran Bains @simranbains

      Obviously good, @pranavce15! I wrote I wanted to point out mistakes correctly 😛

    •  Civils temp @civils-temp

      Hi Pranav,

      Your Essay is good in content and flow, but with your argument in page 2, ‘Science&tech is a panacea for human problems’ seems to give the reader an impression that you are going by that argument for this essay which you are not. Panacea is too strong word for anything, not all problems can be solved by any single aspect be it technology or values or democracy rather it can be called as a key aspect or driver etc.

      Has science solved inequality, poverty, discrimination?

      Science provided vaccines for disease, but science alone can not ensure its reach to needy. Science cures disease but can not prevent disease, sanitation good drinking water etc should be available to make our mankind disease free.

      Science has improved average living age of people, but society has to cater needs and demands of old age care etc…

      Your approach of taking Indian historical approach is narrow as essay is not restricted to any single country, of course you can quote many aspects tech impact on India where ever it fits.

      These are my observations, holistic view on solutions to growth and security is important, institutions, individuals ,values etc should be on top of technology to better use it for prosperity of humanity…

      I hope it helps..

    •  Pranav Pathak @pranavce15

      @civils-temp, thank so much for the review.. you’re bang on point.. Nothing can be the Panacea.. its an important learning, thank you.

      But I disagree that I have restricted egs to India viz – the TNT eg, the STUXNET eg and light bulbs.


    •  Kunal Aggarwal @kunalaggarwal

      @pranavce15 It was an amazing reading for me. Good number of learnings for me to write a better essay.

      Use of various names like Dr Kalam, Dr Raman enriched the introduction.

    •  Pranav Pathak @pranavce15

      Hey @kunalaggarwal, thanks for reviewing mate!!

      Good intro and you’ve mentioned a lot of inventions and how they have benefitted us.
      There’s no one format of essay writing but I have a couple of pointers
      – Try and identify themes and convert them into paragraphs or sections in the essay. This makes sure that you dont miss out on any facet. Instead of giving many examples representing same facet, choose a representative eg from each facet.
      For eg you’ve covered how SnT has made our lives better, but that’s just one facet of growth. Creating jobs, boosting economy too are important parts of growth.

      – Its good to use questions to remove monotony of a huge essay but this is kinda overdone IMO “Did you hear about the new material to be used for making dresses of soldiers posted in Siachen? ” Seems conversational and therefore odd.

      All the best!!


    •  Kunal Aggarwal @kunalaggarwal

      Thanks! Suggestions sound helpful. Next Sunday will try these 🙂

  •  Kunal Aggarwal @kunalaggarwal

    In 25 years of my life I have seen enormous changes in the world around me. I remember the time when there used to be landline phones at only few houses and now every person in the house has a mobile phone. This kind of change is visible in all spaces like internet, home appliances, travel technologies. I remember the sleepless nights I spent in my village because of power cuts and now it has electricity for most part of the day and it is more comfortable.

    Technology has changed our lives. From the way we are born to the way we die, technology plays a key role. Improvements in science and technology has boosted the human development and growth of the nation.

    From the ancient times, human being has tried to learn from environment. Science is not a new subject and has evolved over centuries. Man used to travel on foot for months which changed after invention of wheel and the science of friction. Shushruta Samhita is an evidence of medical science used even in ancient world to improve life of people. Similarly, science of music was used to create various instruments. A great culture of music has flourished the growth through tourism which is a major attraction for various nations even today.

    Similarly, chemical sciences and physical sciences helped build electricity, purify water, cook food etc. Industrial revolution proved to be major event in the history of the world. This led to invention of various technologies. Steam engines, machines were invented to be used in production process which improved the productivity and thus led to high growth.

    There onwards there was no going back for the scientific community. Research into various fields of science and technology were pushed through huge public investment. Technology was hailed as solution to efficiently use resources and boost growth. Space technology has also changed over time improving the communication. Through the improved space science, government agencies have been able to predict weather phenomena like monsoons, cyclones etc. These technologies have helped boost the growth through proper planning in agriculture.

    Medical sciences have evolved over time to e-medicine, high end tech infrastructure like ECGs, transplant technology etc. These have led to improvements in quality of life, mortality rates, institutional births. These improvements have provided a healthy workforce and boosted the productivity of people. This has opened huge opportunity for the country in the field of medical tourism as seen in case of Surrogacy over last decade.

    Science and technology has contributed immensely to globalization of this world. It is a result as well as cause of globalization. Communications and travel across the world has become so much easier that businesses can be set up across continents. In todays globalized world, technology plays a key role in fuelling the growth engines. New business opportunities to ease the lives of people are opening with more advance research.

    It is not just the developed countries or the urban areas which have befitted from this development in science an technology. Rural areas of our country have also reaped the benefits. Well connected villages, availability of internet, electricity, machine has boosted the growth in agriculture. Many small scale industries have flourished as it becomes easier to sell the produce in urban areas. Village economy has received a great push to its growth through scientific research in improving productivity of animal husbandry as well.

    Technology enables people to learn from across the world today. Through technology, we are able to express our ideas easily, learn from other’s ideas from across the world. The new thread of innovation in the education sector involving online trainings, e-medicine will give a long term boost to the development and growth of the whole world.

    While people have used science and technology to improve their lives, nation states have used new research to improve security. New improvements in the field of weaponry have always fueled an arms race between them. Remember the time when Babur introduced Gun powder for the first time in India? Kings were still fighting through foot soldiers, elephants, and horses. This changed over time to high end riffles, air defense systems and nuclear weapons.

    Overtime, governments have been able to achieve better intelligence inputs through technology such as NATGRID and Central Monitoring System. Intelligence sharing across the counties have also improved. Crime detection, forensics, terrorist detection has evolved strongly in favor of nations. Countries have been able to avert dangerous threats using technology.

    Surveillance across borders through lasers, cameras and other technologies have helped countries tack down infiltration. Similarly, satellite technology has also been used to check movements across borders in inhospitable areas. Did you hear about the new material to be used for making dresses of soldiers posted in Siachen? Isn’t it amazing how science has helpd protect our soldiers? Science is such a boon for us in securing our national frontiers.

    New developments have improved life in many ways. However, they have often come with attached costs to environment. Science and technology can be both boon and a bane depending on how it is used. With the new advancements have come new threats as well. State as well as non-state actors have used new science and technology to spread propaganda and even hire sleeper cells in parts of the country. Cyber warfare and attacks have come out to be new threats. Science and technological improvements have helped tackle these challenges. Governments are spending huge money to research in cyber space.

    The environmental issues being discussed globally are another major threat. Indiscriminate expansion of science and technology to exploit natural resources to fuel growth engine has led to degradation of natural ecosystems. Scientific community if spending more money and time in finding out technological solutions to the problems. Sustainable development is focusing on use of science and technology to ensure growth without harming environment. More and more environment friendly technologies such as solar energy, wind energy are being hailed as a solution to fossil fuels.

    There is no denying the fact that technology improves our lives and must be allowed to grow. Cautious approach towards use of technology is important step. Technology in our country has grown over decades. However, we still lag behind developed and many developing countries. India needs to collaborate at international level to ensure vibrant exchange of scientists and ideas. Huge public investment is needed to boost the growth in science and technology. Every small investment in science and technology will come back as growth and security for country.

    •  Sam Bhat @samullah111

      Really impressive, But not Complete and outstanding, You need to tackle with the points that science can never reach to get you solution (e.g various social evils n issues),
      make it more multidimentional

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