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The Target Mains initiative has been running from ~August 15, 2016.

  1. We give you 4 questions across the 4  GS subjects with a demand and approach framework to help you understand the examiner’s mindset
  2. The @discuss handle checks the answers and provides marks and improvement points
  3. The amazing Civilsdaily community helps each other with relevant peer review and grows each day
  4. All the questions can be accessed on web from here – Click here

Today, we bring to you a monthly compilation of all the Questions asked in the month of September 2016. 

  1. The september edition of this compilation is FREE for all users
  2. From next month on – our Test Series students will continue to get FREE Target Mains compilation along with monthly CivilsDigest magazine
  3. Other users can pay 50 INR and get a personal copy from our Instamojo Store

What does the Target Mains compilation contain?

  1. 100+ GS questions with DNA Framework (Demand and Approach)
  2. Links to daily questions where users can click and see the attempts made by their peers + read the best answers + assess who got better marks and why?

This is how the Target Mains PDF looks from inside. If you click on the dates of September 1, 2 etc. You will be directed to the webpage where you can see answer attempts.

How to download the magazine?

  1. For the TS students, you will find a copy of Target Mains along with this month’s Civilsdigest in the test portal – download your PDF from your portal
  2. For other users –


It will take you to the Instamojo store and you can download your FREE Copy.

Note: Test Series students should be able to download all these documents form their portal

  1. Monthly CivilsDigest (News + Editorial summaries)
  2. Monthly Target Mains Compilation (From September 2016 onwards)
  3. Economic Survey Summary – 2016
  4. CD Explains Annual Compilation (2015-2016)

If you like the compilations and the effort put in that – do drop in the comment for the design team. If you have some suggestions on improvements – so let us know.

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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