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Doubts Clearing Forum II

 Dr V
  • UPDATE: Doubts Clearing Forum Part 1 helped a lot of aspirants in getting their doubts cleared. After a break, We are reviving/ relaunching the 2nd season of Doubts Clearing Forum. This time it’s even better as you can follow community members and ask them specific questions and they can follow you back and we can build a wonderful community which will keep you motivated and help you in your preparation

    So, here we go again!

    Ask any query here and get it resolved most satisfactorily, within next 48 hours, by our awesome community members and CD team. You won’t have to wait for your ‘aha moment’ to arrive.

    Have queries related to magazine, website or app?

    Wanna suggest any improvement?

    Go ahead and comment below!


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  •  Shiva Kumar @shivakumarkandragula


  •  Vinit Pratap @vinit33pratap

    Can we expect hard copy of soft compilation of CA and core materials from Civils daily?
    It would really help for students who cannot concentrate on screens due to eye stress/strain. Please take it as a request and suggestion.

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      To get Hard copies of CD’s study material, please contact Imagerunners- Official Print partner of Civilsdaily.

      Address- Old Rajinder Nagar, Opposite Kotak Mahindra Bank, New Delhi

      Phone: 9910923124, 8860450330

  •  Abdul Baseer @nomeyibs

    In the insolvency and bankruptcy code 2016 there are two terms
    financial creditor
    operational creditor
    please explain them with example in a simple way
    thank you

  •  SrT10 @swanand28993

    For efficiency in river interlinking and for development of Nat. Waterways some people are demanding to move water from state list to concurrent list. Won’t this step would in turn affect inter state relationships wrt water sharing issues ?

  •  M∆∆d @srinu-naik

    can i start my preparation for cse 2018 from now and crack it. if so,how to do it.

    •  Aakash Vrindavan @aakashsaxena08

      Get some personal guidance or prepare with someone already appeared : this will increase your chances to understand the exam more clearly.(top most important step for newbie)

      Appear in tests and follow a plan and schedule.(most important step)
      fail….learn … repeat as fast as you could.

  •  Kartikeya Singh @kartikeya207

    Electoral bonds said to be like promissory note rather than debt instrument. So it is like donors will receive the money back from political party after a period ?

  •  Milli Azad @milli-azad

    Dear sir
    Please start medical science optional test series or answer writing practice …
    Kindly help in this regard
    Thank u

  •  Sahithya @sharmila-sahithya

    wrt KPMANU CASE 2015 , how does a religious conversion undo history ?if a person changes religion what does it have to do with social and economic status .? is state , not favouring hinduism?

    •  McLovin @mclovin

      From http://indianexpress.com/article/explained/return-present/
      This presidential Order was passed in “exercise of the powers conferred by clause (1) of Article 341 of the Constitution of India”, but remains a sticking point in Indian politics even today. Those who claim it is wrong to exclude Christian or Muslim Dalits, say so on the basis of the constitutionally guaranteed equality of all religions, and argue that exclusion amounts to discrimination against non-Hindus.

      So, yes, there are some people who have an issue with the judgement given.

  •  Malhar Bhatt @malharbhatt001

    In your 6 November news item you have used the word “multilayering” in abuse of corporate standards. What does it mean actually.?

    •  McLovin @mclovin

      This is what I understand.
      I case
      A, B, C are companies. A owns B. B owns C. So, there is one layer of companies between A and C.
      II case
      A, B, C, D are companies. A owns B. B owns C. C owns D. Now there are two layers of companies between A and D.
      As the number of layers increase, it would be difficult for the tax authorities to check if the companies are indulging in any kind of tax avoidance. So the government has restricted the number of layers.

  •  Shaggy Sabestian @tysonthecoolest

    My internship period will be starting from 1 April 2018 till April 2019 .as being in intern I can give prelims and mains but if sumhow my interview falls before March 31st 2019 would I be disqualified ??? Pls help

    •  Amit Bhardwaj @amit-bhardwaj1

      On what grounds you doubt that you shall be disqualified? Mind sharing?

    •  Shaggy Sabestian @tysonthecoolest

      Me still being in internship cause UPSC says at time of interview you should have completed both graduation and internship ..but in above situation I will still be having 20 Dazs

    •  Amit Bhardwaj @amit-bhardwaj1

      Look the notification does says that you have to produce a certificate that you have completed internship but UPSC does reserves the right to use their discretion in any case and frankly it appears very unlikely that they will disqualify you for 20 days. It is highly improbable!


    •  Shaggy Sabestian @tysonthecoolest

      Thanks sir
      I think UPSC might give a time and would say before finalising merit list give Ur documents .. because interview cont. To happen in whole April also

    •  Dr V @dr-v

      This has happened with one of my junior whose internship ended on 31st March while interview was on 11th March. He was allowed to appear in the interview. He also secured a rank and was allotted irs customs and excise.
      I would ask him of exact situation and what affidavits need to be furnished and update you in due course

    •  Kartikeya Singh @kartikeya207

      pls help with my question, I posted 3-4 days back 🙂

    •  Shaggy Sabestian @tysonthecoolest

      Thank you sir if u can contact the mentioned person please ask the procedure and guide me on what happens in such cases

  •  Nyakwang Konyak @nyakwangk

    Sir, please guide me for next year prelims + mains approach. I have started reading basic books. I want to know how to make notes, should I start making notes from January 2017 or June/July(After 2017 prelims).

    •  Dr V @dr-v

      For next prelims, right time is to start right now. Read basic books, newspapers for 1 hour, civilsdaily news Daily.
      Subscribe to civilsdigest. It’s dirt cheap like 50 paisa per day.
      I would also advise you to take the CD test series to keep you on the right track. If you don’t want to take a test series, start solving other question papers anyway.
      For mains preparation, you should attempt at least 5 questions of weekly test here on paper and get them evaluated.

  •  Avinash Mishra @avinash-mishra

    kindly tell the approach while writing the answers when the question says ,comment,discuss,critically examine and analyse

  •  sai deepak Mangipudi @saideepakmangipudi

    CivilsDaily is really a useful platform for young IAS rookie aspirants. However, it’s sad that it doesn’t have an app for IOS platform. Because app provides a better interface and consumes less time compared to the website for any quick reference to Op-eds, etc. Hope you will come up with that shortly and I must praise you for your services.


  •  Srishty Arun @hereissrishty

    Is 1961 Vienna convention for protection of diplomats different from 1963 Vienna Convention on consular relations (diplomatic immunity)? Kindly clarify.

  •  MoNika .Mondal @monika-mondal

    Am i wrong to my understanding here :

    Any country is representative demo / participatory is determined by the fact how the legislative and executive is involving the democry in decision making, Our representative demo can be any day made participatory the day we start to put on referendums as often as other republicans ?

  •  MoNika .Mondal @monika-mondal

    Is there any tribunal which looks forward for dalit + SC + SC issues ?

  •  Pablo Escobar @pablo-escobar

    With respect to Indus Waters Treaty
    *It says India can use waters of western rivers for non-consumptive use.
    *Also it says that India can use water even for irrigation,STORAGE,producing electricity
    *For STORAGE there will be the need of building reservoir but is it allowed?

    *Now read the Annexure E is titled, “Storage of Waters by India on the Western Rivers”of the original from the following link:


    The provisions of this Annexure shall apply with respect to the storage of water on the Western Rivers, and to the construction and operation of Storage Works thereon, by India under the provisions of Article 111 (4).
    As used in this Annexure :
    “Storage Work” means a work constructed for the purpose of impounding the waters of a stream; but excludes

    (i) a small Tank,

    (II) the works specified in Paragraphs 3 and 4 of Annexure D, and

    (iii) a new work constructed in accordance with the provisions of Annexure D.
    “Reservoir Capacity” means the gross volume of water which can be stored in the reservoir.
    “Dead Storage Capacity” means that portion of the Reservoir Capacity which is not used for operational purposes, and “Dead Storage” means the corresponding volume of water.
    “Live Storage Capacity” means the Reservoir Capacity excluding Dead Storage Capacity, and “Live Storage” means the corresponding volume of water.
    Outlet works: function, type, size, number, maximum designed capacity and sill levels.
    Discharge proposed to be passed through the Plant, initially and ultimately, and expected variations in the discharge on account of the daily and the weekly load fluctuations.

    (i) Maximum aggregate capacity of power units (exclusive of standby units) for Firm Power and Secondary Power.

    (ii) Regulating Basin and its outlet works : type, number, size, sill levels and designed maximum discharge capacity.
    Estimated effect of proposed development on the flow pattern below the last plant downstream (with details of estimation),.
    Probable date of completion of river works, and dates on which various stages of the Plant would come into operation.

    *Is not both contradictory?

  •  @bhishekC @abhishek-chowdhary

    Hi Sir,
    I could clear this year’s pre with your help.
    This will be my third attempt at Mains.
    I have a problem of
    -balancing my GS and Optional Paper(Geog)
    -writing speed and illegible handwriting too
    -not able to finish even the test syllabus

    How to maximize these last 8 weeks!!
    Please Dr V help us like you did during pre 🙂

  •  Hari Ashwath @hashwath675


    I do not know if this has already been answered, but I was wondering if anyone would tell me exactly what to read in the newspaper. The Hindu has a lot of articles.
    1) How do you determine relevance and importance of any article ?
    2) To what detail am I to read these Articles? If it is to a very large extent, then am I expected to revise these articles?

    •  Root @root

      Are you regular with Civilsdaily App? That’s a good starting point to increase your familiarity with news and editorials.

  •  Pihu Nandan @pihinandan

    Hello Sir,

    will striking off some incorrect words or line affect marks in mains.

    •  Amit Bhardwaj @amit-bhardwaj1

      If you don’t strike-off incorrect words or lines then it will certainly affect marks.


  •  Vijay Karthik @vijay-karthik

    Dear sir. i had not done anything special in school and college days . Can i leave blank space in that column of daf ?

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