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[Official] History Optional | IAS Mains | Daily Initiative

 Lakshay Chowdhary
  • History Optional People. Can we start something to benefit each other and evolve a strategy? Maps and world history are the areas that can be focused upon or we can decide the daily dose.

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  •  Rankers Guide @rankers-guide

    Join the history optional group here

  •  Ancy Angel @ancyangelam16

    Is this group active now ???Pls inform me 🙂

  •  DR.VISHVAS DESAI PT @dr-vishvas-desai-pt

    Add me also

  •  Neha Gupta @neha-gupta3

    Is there a WhatsApp group for history optional students????

  •  molshree malik @molshree-malik

    Please add me. 9176200331

  •  Subhu Aziz @subhuaziz

    Add me my mobile number is 8492877928..I am also history student..I hope it will be beneficial

    •  Subhu Aziz @subhuaziz

      Please add me in history optional group

  •  Parthiban Ragu @parthiban-ragu

    Please add me in history optional 8883666136

  •  Shahadatta Shinde @shahadattashinde1

    Plz add my no in History optional group my no is 9637875767

  •  Suryanarayana Patini @patinisuryanarayana

    plz tell me history optional books

  •  Vikas Kumar Raghuvanshi @vikaskumar8459

    It will take more than just adding to whatsapp groups , we need to take writing initiatives too, The kind of subjective questions being asked in Mains I think more than Knowledge it is writing practice which is the key

  •  Muttannagari Devendra @devendramuttannagari123

    Plz add me to history optional WhatsApp group,my no:- 6301543351,I am devendra

  •  Muttannagari Devendra @devendramuttannagari123

    Dear chowdary,I am devendra preparing for upsc,history as optional,once I was member of history WhatsApp group,this is my new no plz add me to our group please.

  •  Nnagendr Reddy @nnagendrreddy

    We can create WhatsApp and Facebook group for history optional
    My number 9177928118

  •  VIJAY KUMAR @vijaykr89


  •  Praveen Sharma @praveen-sharma1

    is this group still active?

  •  Chaitanya Srivastava @chaitanya-srivastava

    for ancient what would be a good strategy to prepare.

  •  insanity iloveit @insanity-iloveit

    Hello friends. These are the questiosn from lbsnaa mid term exam. MIGHT be helpful for you guys.
    Also would be very useful for me if you could give some pointers or suggest some reading material for the same

    •  Kunal Aggarwal @kunalaggarwal

      For the first one, 4th chapter (The geographical setting) of old ncert on Ancient India by R. S. Sharma has good details. That’s like exactly what the question asks.

  •  Discuss @discuss

    Hi guys, just wanted to tell you guys that we are developing some material for culture and need interested people. So if any of you are interested in working with CD then please email us at @lakshaychy @raviernesto @namrata-rai

  •  santosh @veeresh-rathod

    hi guys ..if any one having megalithic sites for map work then ..please upload

  •  Lakshay Chowdhary @lakshaychy

    List of Imoprtant Paleolithic sites for map question, if anyone has prepared ?

  •  Vidyarthi Mishra @vidyarthisojourn

    In..let’s focus on map practice (to begin with)

  •  Vidyarthi Mishra @vidyarthisojourn


  •  MANO HARAN @manoharanmh33

    Nice initiative..I’m in..

  •  Lakshay Chowdhary @lakshaychy

    Q1 World History
    How far is it correct to say that WW I was fought essentially for preservation of balance of power?

    •  Venkatesh Kota @kvreddycer

      Hai everyone .
      I am also looking for a platform to share and get revised.
      Finally happy to see this.
      Let’s start working to gether

  •  Lakshay Chowdhary @lakshaychy

    no roadmap..lets start with some questions. One of us can take the initiative of a map game everyday. We will slowly increase the number of questions everyday.

  •  VIJAY KUMAR @vijaykr89

    brother em also in…
    so do u hv any roadmap how to start wid…..

  •  santosh @veeresh-rathod

    Please make initiative ..why to ask, all join gradually

  •  Amit Chaturvedi @amitchaturvedi09

    I am in.

  •  Ritwika Chakraborty @chakriks93

    I’m in.

  •  RISHABH VERMA @khiladiluckydude

    I am in..

  •  ravi ernesto @raviernesto

    Lets start!!
    By the way how many of you are for this year mains??

  •  Harinandan Kushwaha @hnlu25

    Maps of 1st paper is also difficult for me.

  •  Lakshay Chowdhary @lakshaychy

    yes for 2016 mains. I was finding mapping difficult. so wanted some help. A forum will be quite useful for attempting some weird questions. Any suggestions how and where to start from?

  •  Shiva Shankar @shiva-shankar

    Are we talking about preparing for this mains..??

  •  Namrata Rai @namrata-rai

    One more in! 🙂
    @lakshaychy — glad someone took this initiative.. I thought I would but then dont know why our optional has poor response everywhere!!

    Anyways I will try roping in more people … U stay inspired and keep posting! 🙂

    •  brizpal Singh @brizpal-singh

      R u still preparing?

  •  Kavi Gautam @kavigautam

    Could u plz give me a brief of books???? @lakshaychy

    •  VIJAY KUMAR @vijaykr89

      nice to hv from same city.. did u write mains…?

  •  0207 @up-sc

    How soon are we starting then?
    Haven’t touched my optional since a really long time. Let’s do this

    •  Lakshay Chowdhary @lakshaychy

      Need some more people..waiting for them.

    •  Peeyush @eklavyainlove

      I am in. 9643669383… Add me too.

    •  Abirami Sekar @aabhii2011

      I am up for this! I m a newbie here. Hope you people will help along. Thank you!!

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