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[Prelims Spotlight] Block-III version of Brahmos cruise missile, Agni III

  • As a part of revision for Prelims 2018, Here’s a Factoid to brush up your concepts

    #1. Name : Block-III version of Brahmos cruise missile

    Defence Forces : Army

    Module Type : Missiles

    Brief Intro : Block III had advanced guidance and upgraded software, incorporating high manoeuvres at multiple points and steep dive from high altitude. The steep dive capability of the Block III enables it to hit targets hidden behind a mountain range. It will be deployed in Arunachal Pradesh. It can engage ground targets from an altitude as low as 10 meters for surgical strikes with out any collateral damage. It is capable of being launched from multiple platforms like submarines, ships, aircraft and land based Mobile Autonomous Launchers (MAL). Range: 450 Km (to be upgraded to 600 Km)


    #2. Name : Agni III

    Defence Forces : Army

    Module Type : Missiles

    Brief Intro : Agni-III is an intermediate-range ballistic missile developed by India as the successor to Agni-II. It has a range of 3,500 km- 5,000 km, and is capable of engaging targets deep inside neighbouring countries. The missile’s Circular error probable (CEP) is within 40 meters range, which makes it the most sophisticated and accurate ballistic missile of its range class in the world.

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