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[Update] Public Administration Optional Test Series 2017 | Starts 15th September

  • We have rescheduled the Test series for Public Administration optional students + reduced the price (Now Rs. 2997 only)

    The test series will help students command the subject concept wise, material wise and to help fill in the gaps left in their preparation.

    This test series aims to generate and develop coherent knowledge to subject and also try to develop writing practice before mains exam.

    Test Series contains:


    People behind

    Adarsh V Dharan in collaboration with Civilsdaily. Marks obtained in UPSC Mains 2016 in Public Administration- 295

    See what Topper’s say about our mentor:

    Test Series starts from 15th September 2017. Buy Here- http://imojo.in/g1xpqo

    Get all details regarding test series in this PDF- Click2download

    For any other doubts, mail us on hello@civilsdaily.com

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  •  Prathibha @prathibhatalwar25

    Please start public administration daily questions..

    •  Mohit Raj @mohitraj

      I am also continously requesting from CD to resume it…Kindly start it asap..It was much yielding for us…!! Thank you

    •  Root @root

      The initiative will start with a small break. Right now the paid TS for the 2017 Mains guys is going on and Adarsh is focussing all his energies there.

      Wait for some more time.

  •  Prathibha @prathibhatalwar25

    Thank you sir..but iam preparing for 2018 mains..is there any intiative for 2018 like topic wise daily test..

  •  Mohit Raj @mohitraj

    Dear CD, What about free answer session on daily basis ?? Is it halted permanently or you will resume it ? If yes ,when ??
    Thank you !!

  •  Mohammad Soraka @mohammad-soraka

    how many questions will be there is each topicwise test ? is it final schedule or it will again reshedule

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      Hi Mohammad,
      Our test consists of 19 compulsory questions of total 250 marks.
      The last 2 comprehensive tests will be with 28 questions with or questions available.
      Thank you…

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      There will not be any reschedule. We will launch the test series tomorrow..

  •  Akash Agarwal @akashagarwal2009

    Hi Adarsh..has free initiative stopped…can’t find it since monday.

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      Hi Akash,
      Will resume it on tomorrow.
      Sorry for the delay…was suffering from viral fever…
      Thank you..

  •  Babji Thothadi @babji859

    @adarshvdharan Sir..
    What’s the status of Test series?

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      hello Babji,
      Please contact us if you are interested in joining the test series on adarshvdharan@gmail.com or 8468952637.schedule is given below. you can tell us your views and suggestions on email. we will consider it. please reply asap.

      1. Brouchure.pptx
    •  Babji Thothadi @babji859

      Sir, I have joined it. Hoping to get the best out of it.

  •  Babji Thothadi @babji859

    @adarshvdharan Sir..
    Few queries regarding the test series for Mains 2017.
    1. If one need guidance/approach regarding few questions outside the test series then will you help out?
    2. Will test series toppers answer sheets be provided?
    3. If only few aspirants are interested to join then will you continue the test series?
    Thank you

  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

    Hello everyone,
    We need to get your feedback to upgrade the daily answer writing programme. Let us know who are willing to join paid daily answer writing session. The programme includes.
    1. Daily 2 questions
    2. Comprehensive evaluation
    3. Detailed answers (in paragraph format)
    4. Value addition notes on the topic
    5. Interactive doubt clearing session
    We will continue the programme even after mains also. Stress will be on 2017 mains. That is students who target 2018 can also join…
    Please let us know…

    •  Narayana Sarma @narayanacbe

      Hello @adarshvdharan Sir! I am giving CSE in 2018. Please clarify the following doubts.

      1). Will there be a time-table which specifies question areas for each day or week till all topics are covered? (because, most aspirants including me don’t take coaching and hence REQUIRE A SCHEDULE to complete a topic and then attempt questions on same)
      2). What is the amount to be paid to join this initiative?

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      dear narayana,
      we will give you detailed plan in 2 days..
      please wait…
      Keep writing daily questions till then..

    •  Narayana Sarma @narayanacbe

      @adarshvdharan Sir, sure and am very much willing to join the programme. I just wanted to suggest that timetable based topic-wise test will be really helpful for us.

  •  Amaragani SUNIL KUMAR @CE12B1002

    Wat about CD daily pub add initiative..? Will u discontinue it.?!
    Pls continue the daily initiative ..

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      Hello Sunil,
      What happened to you?
      Please write answers…
      Thank you..

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      Dear Sunil,
      we will give you detailed plan in 2 days..
      please wait…
      Keep writing daily questions till then..

  •  abhishek yadav @ayadavstarey

    So cd daily initiative for pub ad will discontinue ,sir ?

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      Dear Abhishek,
      we will give you detailed plan in 2 days..
      please wait…
      Keep writing daily questions till then..

  •  Atif Hussain @atifhussain1894

    Need such initiatives for sociology too

    •  White Walker @upsc-demolisher

      yes.. For sociology also ..

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