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Public Administration Pilot Answer Writing Programme | Daily Answer Review by UPSC Veterans | Starts 21st August

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    We are coming up with a pilot programme for Public Administration optional students as a precursor to Test series being launched for them after a few days.

    The highlights of the programme are:

    • Daily 2 questions (10 marks + 20 marks) will be made available at 10 am.
    • Evaluation will be done by 8 pm.
    • Model answer will be available from 9 pm on the same day.
    • Doubts can be asked. We will get the doubts cleared on the same day.

    Other features:

    • Comprehensive evaluation. Stress will be given on-


    -Facts, figures, value addition, Case studies, current affairs etc.

    -Structure of the answer

    -Presentation and Format

    Conducted by:

    Adarsh V Dharan in collaboration with Civilsdaily
    Marks obtained in UPSC Mains 2016 in Public Administration- 295

    PS: Confirm your participation by posting in comments below. After registering, click on the links on the top and start attempting the questions. Questions attempted on the same day before 8 PM will be checked. 

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  •  Mrityunjay Jha @mrityunjay-jha


  •  Kanaka Jagadish @kanakajagadish


  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan
    •  Prathibha @prathibhatalwar25

      thank you sir

  •  Prathibha @prathibhatalwar25

    where is the daily public administration questions..have you halted it..please let us know..if you are starting any test series for 2018 please reduce the amount

    •  Mohit Raj @mohitraj

      Hello, @prathibhatalwar25
      I have created a new thread for Pub ad ane writing..Do join 🙂

  •  AlkA Chander @alkachander8718

    Hello sir pls provide me proper link for opening page of questions

  •  Javed Suri @javed-suri

    I want to join for 2018.

  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

    Hello everyone,
    We need to get your feedback to upgrade the daily answer writing programme. Let us know who are willing to join paid daily answer writing session. The programme includes.
    1. Daily 2 questions
    2. Comprehensive evaluation
    3. Detailed answers (in paragraph format)
    4. Value addition notes on the topic
    5. Interactive doubt clearing session
    We will continue the programme even after mains also. Stress will be on 2017 mains. That is students who target 2018 can also join…
    Please let us know…

    •  PRIYA MISHRA @priya-mishra

      I want to join

  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

    We are going to start online pub ad test series. if sufficient number of students are ready to join we will start offline test series for pub ad on the same lines of online test series.If anybody is interested in offline test series, please let us know.
    please do inform your friends also..
    go to the link given below to know about the test series…

    Public Administration Optional Test Series 2017 | Starts 2nd September

    •  Mohit Raj @mohitraj

      Hello, Adarsh Sir
      What about daily answer writing initiative ? Are you going to halt it further ? Bcz A lot of answers have gone unchecked since few days.
      I personally request you to please continue and allow us to practice it daily as usual till now. It has been highly beneficial.
      Rather, I would also urge to please modify it into a learning cum daily answer writing ,where pre decided topics to be mentioned for study and then questions next day. It would give us an edge over all topic coverage and learning as well….If it sounds good ,kindly entertain it Sir. Thank you

  •  Shivanshi @iasaspirant2

    Hello sir..I am preparing for 2018..but confused between pub ad and pol sci..refraining from taking pub ad as more people are taking this optional making it more competitive. .but if I take this subject ..in that case can u help me out on what to read and what not to read for it. Thank you

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      Hello Shivanshi,
      Let us know who are willing to join paid daily answer writing session. The programme includes.
      1. Daily 2 questions
      2. Comprehensive evaluation
      3. Detailed answers (in paragraph format)
      4. Value addition notes on the topic
      5. Interactive doubt clearing session
      That is students who target 2018 can join…
      Please let us know if you are interested…
      Details will be given by today evening…

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      hi Shivanshi,
      We are happy to help you.It is not difficult to score in pubad, once you understand the requirements of the subject. you can proceed with pubad.
      best wishes.

    •  Javed Suri @javed-suri

      I would suggest you to go for Political Science as the subject is much better to attempt then Public Administration.

  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

    Hi Friends, thank you all for joining this Public Administration Pilot Answer writing session.Many of you writing good answers and so many of you learning to write.There are many suggestions and queries from your side sure our team will work on it.
    NOTE: SUNDAY will be a holiday for this session so We will meet on MONDAY.

    Enjoye your weekend with revising weekly stuff. Stay hungry and stay foolish.

  •  AlkA Chander @alkachander8718

    Hello sir I want to join

  •  M A @muskan-arora

    @Adarsh – Hi sir,this course is helpful but it will be more beneficial if u can beforehand tell the topics to prepare from which questions can be asked.I,personally am facing difficulty in writing answers.I am not able to recollect much.
    If the above suggestion can’t be fulfilled can you try and give me some insights on how to proceed.
    Thanku,waiting for your response.

  •  Maneesh K @maneeshchty

    A brief note:

    F. W. Taylor is considered to be the foremost proposer of the scientific management in the USA. He was a trained engineer and experienced shopfloor manager who had used the both to evolve the best way to work.
    1. His one best way is still used to optimise work time and increase productivity.
    2. His differential pay method is the first study of motivation and humanist studies.
    3. His scientific selection as a precursor to training has increased productivity and efficiency.

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  •  siva kumar @skrulesit

    I’m in. best wishes for everyone

  •  Amit Vikram @amitvikram1

    I’m in. Best wishes to everyone.

  •  Sourav Kumar Patralekh @sourav3738

    Please provide the link…

  •  Akhil Raghunath @akhilraghunath

    not able to open day 1 with above link ,,. pls provide link to day 1..

  •  Akhil Raghunath @akhilraghunath

    i am in

  •  Shashank Sinha @shashanksinha

    I want to participate sir…

  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

    Day-2 Answer key…
    today i have given answers in point format so that you can easily get the crux of the matter…
    please do give feedback so that i can improve…

    1. Day-2.docx
  •  abhi ram @abhi-ram

    Im in sir

  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

    Hello friends,
    sorry for the inconvenience…
    please upload your answers in the comment box…
    We are working on it…
    inconvenience highly regretted…

  •  Mohit Raj @mohitraj

    Mohit Raj…I am in

  •  Akshat Anand @akki8lko

    please count me too. thanks a lot

  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

    Q1. Kautilya’s Arthashastra a complete text on Public Administration. Comment.
    (10 Marks/150 Words)
    Introduction on Arthashastra.
    Main features and relevance of Arthashastra.
    How it addresses needs of public administration.
    What are missing in Arthashastra?
    Conclude based on the analysis.
    Q2. Trace the emergence of Public Choice Approach (PCA) and its contribution to Public administration. Also explain how PCA lost its significance.
    (20 Marks/300 Words)
    Introduction on PCA.
    Reasons and situation of emergence of PCA.
    Contributions and the extent of success of PCA.
    Reasons of failure or fading out of significance of PCA.
    Critical appraisal of PCA.
    Conclude appropriately.

  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

    Hello Friends,
    I am very happy and grateful to see your response and handwork. We should push ourselves today for a better tomorrow. Here are some suggestions to improve your answers based on the analysis of yesterday’s overall performance.
    1. Read questions thoroughly to decipher and understand the requirements of the question.
    2. Today we have mentioned the approach also. hence compare it with your understanding of the question.
    3. Mention relevant thinkers(almost everyone had done) and compare with their critiques.
    4. use diagrams to save time and words
    5. try to mention all the keywords of a topic and underline the keywords
    6. conclude very positively and futuristic in nature
    7. include more points(you have to show more points ;-))

    •  Naveen Mergu @naveenmergu

      Sir could you provide today’s questions

  •  Dr Neha Sahare @dr-neha-sahare

    Good initiative

  •  Root @root

    @all of those who are interested are requested to start participating in the answer writing. It pays well to attempt answers and what’s best – you are getting them reviewed here with Adarsh every day.

    •  G N SHARMA @g-n-sharma

      Unable to open day 1 page. Please help.

  •  srishti kulkarni @srishti-kulkarni

    Good initiative

  •  Javed Suri @javed-suri

    I am in Sir.

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    Good initiative. I have been waiting for this for so long

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    Great initiative sir.I am in. Thank u.

  •  Giri Prasad @giriprasad

    I am looking forward to be a part of it.the programme details r nt clear as it is nt scheduled in the link… if schedule abt the programme is known then i wud follow it religiously

  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

    hello friends,
    please take care one thing while uploading your answers…
    go to the hyperlink of the particular question to upload the answer given in the specific date so that evaluation and comparison of answers will be very easy.
    thank you…

  •  Hammad Siddiqui @siddiquiqsami

    Count Me in, Thanks a lot!

  •  Azar Zia @azarwebsurfer

    I’m in too! Thanks

  •  Shikha Sharma @shikhasharma17

    Kindly suggest books for paper 1

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      Suggested Books for Paper1
      1. Mohit Bhattacharya
      2. Radhabinod Aribam
      3. IGNOU Material
      These books will suffice.
      you can read Prasad and prasad for thinkers.(selected reading)

    •  Shikha Sharma @shikhasharma17


  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

    The Day 1 Questions have been uploaded. go to the link given below.

    21 August 2017 | Pub Ad | Daily Answer Writing Session

  •  Prashanth Shinde @prashanth17ps

    Good initiative CIVILs DAILY and Adarsh expecting you long back to conduct one such.

  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

    Please do ask your doubts. And keep writing…

  •  Narayana Sarma @narayanacbe

    I am in. Thanks a lot sir!

  •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

    Thank you all for such a great response. We are here to help you in improving your content and writing skills in Public administration.
    Best wishes….

  •  Jyoti Yadav @jyoti-yadav2

    I’m in.. Great initiative.. Let’s make it a success

  •  Wahid Mir @wahidmir

    Great initiative

  •  Nimesh Nair @nimeshnairtech33

    I am in 🙂

  •  Haroon Bhat @hbhat2212

    I’m in sir

  •  Majid Nazer @majidnazer

    And plz do suggest me some good books for paper B plz…Public administration.

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      Suggested books for paper 2
      1. Arora Goyal
      2. ARC reports
      3. Yojana and kurukshetra
      4. Laxmikant/DD Basu
      5. Fadia and fadia for reference
      Read ARORA and Goyal thoroughly. Make notes from others.
      Current Affairs is the key to pub ad paper 2.

  •  Majid Nazer @majidnazer

    I’m in plz sir add me too

  •  Pallavi Nataraj M @pallavinataraj-m

    I am in

  •  RAHUL JAIN @rahul-jain1

    Can you please extend the deadline for evaluation by an hour or so? Would be a great help for working professionals like us. 🙂

    •  Adarsh_CD @adarshvdharan

      Don’t worry. we will appreciate your hard work.

  •  MOHAMMED ASLAM @mohdaslamengg

    Thank u sir for great programme add me also iam in

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  •  Ann Mary George @ann-mary-george

    Hello.. I got AIR123 in CSE 2016 with 293 marks in pubad. This initiative is a great opportunity for all serious candidates. Writing practice is the most important aspect and especially under an experienced mentor like Adarsh sir. His notes and guidance helped me a lot in my preparation. I would not have been able to score a good rank without his tips in answer writing. Thank you sir. All the best to everyone.

    •  Mani kar @mani-kar

      Plz share sm of ur answers 2.thnx

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    Thanks for the initiative.

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    Good initiative.. got 264 in mains 2016 pub adm and wants to improve my presentation and contents. I’m in.

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    Eagerly waiting for the first roll down

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    Sir need to ask one question…you are providing just test series or coaching is also there??

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    I’m in sir…sir I have written 3 mains and I was eagerly waiting for such initiative!! Thanks for one to one feedback!!

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