23 August 2017 | Pub Ad | Daily Answer Writing Session

Attempt the questions by posting your answers in comments below.

1.Explain changing scope of Public administration in its Activity and Discipline since its emergence till now. Also, give your views on the future of public administration as a discipline. (15 Marks/250 Words)

1.Introduction of emergence of Public Administration
2.Scope of PA as Activity and Discipline in different phases of PA
3.Future of PA as a discipline
4. Conclude approapriately

2.Taylor is called the father of Scientific Management(SM). How his ideas of SM spread to different parts of the world? What is the relevance and impact of SM substantiate with suitable current examples. (20 Marks/300 Words)


1.Introduction on Taylor and Scientific Management
2.Spread of SM outside USA- eg. Stachanovite Movement
3.Impact of SM in India and other countries
4. Conclude approapriately