100 Most Probable Topics for IAS Mains 2018

Civilsdaily team brings you the 100 Most Important Issues that need to be read and understood for Mains 2018. This compilation contains all 100 issues that have high probability of appearing in Mains 2018 and beyond.

One of the great advantages of having a tech platform which connects daily news and op-eds dynamically to its relevant newstrail is that over the time it helps us understand how a topic has evolved both qualitatively (facets of issues, complexity) and quantitatively (number of newscards, op-eds written and connected).

With that objectivity in hand and UPSC’s changing patterns in mind, we sat together to write down Explainers on the 100 probable topics for this years’ IAS Mains.

Each explainer has a Mains level question for you to attempt and review. We have also included Mindmap in most of the issues for better retention and quick revision before the exam

Get the compilation here: Click2Buy

Note: This PDF is already provided to the subscribers of our Prelims TS, Samachar Manthan Program & Mains TS subscribers. They don’t need to buy it separately

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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