100 Most Probable Topics for IAS Mains 2019


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Civilsdaily brings you the 100 Most Important Issues that need to be read and understood for Mains 2019. This compilation contains issues that have a high probability of appearing in Mains 2019 and beyond.

Having a tech platform which connects daily news + op-eds dynamically to its relevant newstrail has many advantages.  It makes it easier to understand how a theme has evolved both qualitatively (facets of issues, complexity) and quantitatively (number of newscards, op-eds written and connected).

With that objectivity in hand and UPSC’s changing patterns in mind, we sat together to write down Explainers on the 100 probable topics for this years’ IAS Mains.

List of Topics


  • Should the post of Governor in India be abolished
  • Electoral bonds
  • Lateral entry debate
  • Prison reforms
  • The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  • Model code of conduct
  • Single Tribunal for hearing water disputes
  • Aadhaar and Other Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  • Should India need directly elected mayors?
  • Reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir
  • Compulsory voting and associated issues
  • Human rights courts in India



  • 5 trillion economy
  • Jobless growth in india
  • NBFC crisis and application
  • New e commerce policy
  • Feminization of Agriculture
  • Model BIT 2016
  • New Code on Wages Bill
  • India US relations in the backdrop of recent hiccups
  • Application of Behavioural economics
  • Doubling Farmers Income
  • Issues being faced by Telecom sector
  • New Delhi International Arbitration Centre Bill, 2019
  • US withdraws GSP status from India
  • Privatisation of Air India
  • Direct Income Support scheme (PM-KISAN)
  • India’s NPA Problem
  • Agricultural Insurance in India
  • RBI revises stressed asset resolution norms
  • MGNREGA: An analysis
  • Middle Income Trap
  • Issue of RBI surplus funds
  • India’s Export Slowdown
  • India Agri Export policy
  • Auto sector slump
  • India’s investment slowdown
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Food Processing Industry in India: Challenges and Initiatives


Governance & Society

  • Commercial Surrogacy Bill
  • Reservation for economically weaker sections
  • Low female workforce participation in India
  • Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2018
  • Draft Emigration Policy
  • Model Tenancy Act
  • Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  • National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, 2019
  • Trafficking of Persons Bill, 2018
  • Draft National education policy
  • National Register of Citizens
  • RTI Amendment Bill, 2019



  • National policy on biofuels
  • Zero based natural farming
  • Draft IFA 2019
  • Forest fire problem in India
  • Water Crisis in India
  • Rising heat wave phenomenon in India
  • One World, One Sun, One Grid
  • Tiger census 2019
  • Environment Performance Index & India
  • Dam safety bill 2019
  • CRZ Notification 2018
  • Methanol economy in India


International relations

  • India’s non-permanent membership of UNSC
  • India and SCO
  • COMCASA agreement between India and US
  • BBIN Initiative
  • U.S. ends waiver for India on Iran oil
  • One belt one road
  • BIMSTEC as an alternative to SAARC
  • Indo-Pacific
  • Increasing Influence Of China In Indian Ocean And Its Impact In India
  • US-China trade war & its impact on India


Internal Security

  • Does India require an anti-lynching law?
  • NIA (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  • Fake news menace in India
  • Chief of Defence Staff Post
  • India’s No First Use Policy


Science & Technology

  • BT Brinjal
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Space activity Bill
  • DNA technology Bill
  • Big data
  • Internet of Things
  • Application of Biotechnology in India
  • 5G
  • National Bio-pharma mission
  • Hyperloop
  • Li Fi
  • INO observatory
  • Data Localization issue
  • Acute Encephalitis Syndrome

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4 years ago

Nice Information it will help for the students trying for UPSC.

Geet Gunjan Deka


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