1000 MCQs in 40 days| Prelims-1000 club by Amit sir starting from 15th Feb| Enroll now (limited seats)

Attempting MCQs is the best way to learn concepts, explore different aspects of a topic, establish linkages, understanding the relevance of a topic for pre, and tackle unpredictability in the exam hall. And this is exactly why after first reading of the syllabus, you must integrate second reading and revision with attempting MCQs.

With IAS Prelims 2021 fast approaching, ‘Prelims- 1000’ is the need of the hour.

What is Prelims-1000 by Amit sir?

With 1000 MCQs in 40 days, we’re going to cover and revise Current affairs + related static parts for IAS Prelims 2021.

This program will start from 15th Feb 2021.

On an exclusive Habitat club, we’re going to have five days a week sessions. These chat-based sessions under the guidance of Amit sir will be enriched by insights from peers as well. It’ll ensure that learning is active, collaborative, and effective.

What are we going to cover?

  • 1.5 yrs of IAS Prelims 2021 worthy current affairs
  • Related static revision from NCERTs and Standard books

Where are these discussions going to take place?

All the discussions and sessions will be held on Habitat. It is our innovative chat-based learning platform. You’ll be assigned to an exclusive club Prelims-1000 that is administered by Amit sir.

As per a timetable (to be shared in the group) Amit sir will take daily sessions. Every question will be dealt with in its entirety covering both the depth as well as the breadth (interlinkages).

Where to find Prelims-1000 Habitat club link?

After you have enrolled for the program you will receive an email with the Habitat link for Prelims-1000 club.

You can also find the link in the curriculum section of this course.

Below are the images of Amit sir’s sessions.

Prelims-1000 progression:

Below is a rough breakdown of the 8 weeks and course we are going to cover. It is going to be comprehensive and intensive.

Program inclusion:

  • Membership to an exclusive group on Habitat. (Link will be emailed to you. You can also find that in the curriculum section of this program)
  • 5 days a week Habitat chat-based discussion sessions. (2-3 hours minimum)
  • 1000 MCQs (PDF + Habitat discussion)
  • Mentorship by Amit sir

Note: After enrollment, please check your email inbox and visit the curriculum section of Prelims-1000 Club by Amit sir for further instructions and Habitat links.

What makes these MCQs important?

It’s not just the MCQs but the process that makes Prelims-1000 essential.

The questions shall be sourced from a multitude of sources, standard plus a few more, to ensure that the candidate experiences a wide variety of questions and gets acclimatized with the kind of questions that appear in the actual examination i.e. combining multiple concepts and current events together to frame a question.

Consider the following questions that are more a test of the application of what a candidate has learned instead of relying on the candidate’s eidetic memory:

Ques. Narmada River does not have many tributaries primarily because:
        1. It flows through the region of scanty rainfall.       
        2. The hard rock surface and non-alluvial nature of the peninsular
             plateau permits little scope for the development of tributaries.
        3. It flows through a narrow valley confined by precipitous hills.
Choose the correct alternative using the codes given below.

(a) 1 and 3 only

(b) 2 only

(c) 3 only

(d) 1, 2 and 3

Ques. Apart from poaching, which of the following is/are among the reasons for the decline of the bird population in India? 
        1. Extension in tea gardens and plantations 
        2. Colonization by invasive plant species 
        3. Decline in insect population 
Select the correct answer using the codes given below.

(a) 2 and 3 only

(b) 1 and 2 only

(c) 1 and 3 only

(d) 1, 2 and 3 

However, even the chaos should have some semblance of order. And therefore, we have tied the program to the following salient features that will help you gauge the final outcome of the course. 

  • Each question shall be followed by a discussion about the theory and the current event, if any, that motivated the question.
  • The static portion and current affairs to be covered shall be informed in advance to enable the students to prepare for the week ahead. 
  • The weekends have been kept free to ensure the candidates are not overwhelmed but the weekends can still be utilized for discussing the important issues on a need-basis.

How this program will help you?

And now let us answer the most pertinent question, i.e., how will the course help you in your preparation? To enumerate the benefits, at the conclusion of the course, you would have:

  • Practiced more than 1000 MCQs.
  • Attempted important MCQs sourced from Previous Year Papers.
  • Revised NCERTs and other reference books.
  • Covered current affairs for the past one and a half years.
  • Shared with- and assimilated knowledge shared by your peers.
  • Gotten a fair idea of the competition that lies ahead.
  • Discussed, argued, and counter-argued various dimensions of important topics.
  • Covered a healthy amount of interesting trivia.
  • Clarified all your doubts.
  • Put to rest any misgivings you might have about the exam and your preparation.
  • Acclimatized yourself to the exam-like conditions.
  • Attuned yourself to answering questions in a time-bound manner.
  • Perfected the art of making intelligent guesses.
  • Shared the methods you have mastered to solve the MCQs and learnt the same from your peers.
  • Transformed into a confident candidate set to take the Prelims head-on.

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