10th November 2018 | Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

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Question 1)

Discuss the similarities & differences between Dravida type of architecture and Vesara type of architecture? (150W/10M)

Question 2)

Do you think Article 35A should be abolished? Critically comment. (150W/10M)

Question 3)

Stubble burning seriously affects the environment very badly causing serious health hazards in people. What do you mean by stubble burning and what are its effects on environment? What measures should be taken by the Government to persuade farmers not to follow this practice? Discuss. (250W/15M)

Question 4)

Conflict of interest in the public sector arises when (a) official duties, (b) public interest, and (c) personal interest are taking priority one above the other. How can this conflict in administration be resolved? Describe with an example. (150W/10M)

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