Answer Writing Enhancement (AWE) Program under the guidance of a UPSC veteran

The only daily answer writing program that you’ll ever need. Under the aegis of Pritam Sir who has faced 3 UPSC interviews. Scored exceptionally well in all Essay and GS papers during his attempts.

Daily Answer Writing for Mains has always been a point of contention at Civilsdaily. Essentially, it suffered from the following issues that made it a bad deal for the students.

  1. Forming questions from today’s news – Questions asked in UPSC are generally on an overarching theme. Very rarely will you find a question based on just one single op-ed or news item.
  2. Repetition of questions – As an issue updates with time, the answers become obsolete. That is why it is more important to frame questions on issues when 3-4 articles have already been written on them.

Moreover, the issue that we see with other platforms is that they post similar questions every 2nd 3rd day. Follow the example at the end to understand what we are talking about

  1. Quality of both questions and answer checking – If we are making questions every day, they will not be intelligent. They will come directly from op-ed/news headings.
  2. The unreliability of peer reviews – Peer reviews cannot be relied upon and show a lot of variabilities. It is very important that you get feedback from someone experienced when it comes to your style, content, and presentation.

However, we have come to realize that many students do see a value in practicing questions every day. It keeps the momentum going and incrementally builds a database of questions and answers that can be used for Mains.

So we have tried to create a program that is truly effective.

1. We have roped in a UPSC Veteran.

2. We will ask 4 questions every day covering GS 1,2,3,4. Questions will cover both contemporary and static part. 1 question will be from ethics. Questions will not be specific or formed from op-ed titles. Instead, they will be broad-based aligned with the UPSC pattern.

3. There will be a guaranteed detailed review of the answers written by the paid subscribers. Review of free subscribers will depend on the time available with mentors. Priority will be given to students who engage in peer reviews. 

4. Approach and Model answer to be published and will be accessible to all. 

5. Dedicated telegram groups for doubts and monthly call post writing answers for paid subscribers.

6. Free Monthly AWE Magazine with questions and sample solutions.


Program Details

Duration of the Program: 10 months

15th October – 28th Feb (Phase 1) – We stop 3 months before prelims. 

15th June – 31st August (Phase 2) – We stop a month before mains. 

7 month program. 

1. The program will operate on the Weekdays. Saturdays and Sundays will be off to allow students to contribute to other programs during the weekends.

2. Answers submitted after the last day of every month will not be considered for review. We do not guarantee when they will be reviewed but we will try to do so.

3. The program will start from the 5th of every month. 1st-4th will be kept to clear the backlog.

4. We will follow a monthly cycle. Meaning you enroll for a particular month. If you join on the 9th of December, you will have access to the month of December from the first day to the last day of December. It will *NOT* be from 9th December to 9th January. You will be expected to manage the time to submit the answers for the days you’ve missed.

5. Students joining after 25th of a particular month can opt for AWE for the next month. Meaning – if you join on 26th of November, you have the option of enrolling for the month of December(1st to last day of December). Students who join on the 23rd of November will have close to 18 days to submit all answers for the month of November. We believe it is a good enough time to clear the backlog.  

6. We are committed to providing you reviews ASAP. But we will keep a 1-week deadline for students submitting their answers on the same day and a 2-week deadline for students submitting their answers late. This is to ensure that we don’t compromise on the quality just to stick to a deadline. It is better to get a proper review than to get a quicker review.

As you can see the focus of the programme will not be on the quantity but the quality of questions and model answers.

Monthly Rs. 1k + taxes: Click2Join

Yearly Rs 8K + taxes: Click2Join

(Comes out to be Rs. 13/review which is nothing for the time and effort our mentors will be putting in)


On a well-known site, the question on data localization has been asked 5 times in the last 2-3 months.

Let us further illustrate our point with an example:

Superfluous Questions from the well-known website

Q.) What do you understand by data localisation? Discuss the importance of data localisation for India and analyze India’s present and proposed policies related to data localisation with respect to their effectiveness?

Q.) The debate on data localisation must not be reduced to a simple binary of whether data localisation is good or bad. Comment.

Repeated – Q.) What do you understand by data localisation? Discuss the importance of data localisation for India and analyze India’s present and proposed policies related to data localisation with respect to their effectiveness?

Our Selected Question?

Q.) What do you understand by Data localization? Recently Draft Data protection bill and Draft E-commerce policy has recommended localisation of data. Can data localization help protect Indian national and economic interests?

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18 Oct, 2018

great initiative @civilsdaily team . i am eager to participate in daily answer writing

    prayas gupta
    23 Oct, 2018

    Kindly call on 8929987787 to discuss in detail.

      Pratik Dhole
      Pratik Dhole
      20 Oct, 2018

      very very helpful program….thanks civilsdaily team

        prayas gupta
        23 Oct, 2018

        Kindly call on 8929987787 to discuss in detail and other mentorship aspects.

          harsimran kaur
          19 Feb, 2019

          Are you getting answer reviews properly,please help as i am going to enroll for it

            Priyadarshi Raj
            Priyadarshi Raj
            23 Oct, 2018

            Hi , will u provide source along with question too?

              25 Oct, 2018

              will you provide any schedule

                31 Oct, 2018

                i have joined monthly awe program .still there no question in my dashboard and where to write/post answers .

                  Shivam Sarkar
                  Shivam Sarkar
                  4 Nov, 2018

                  he, bro.

                    1 Dec, 2018


                      Dr.Amardeep Sudan
                      Dr.Amardeep Sudan
                      19 Feb, 2019

                      How to get synopsis??