10th September 2020| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

Important Announcement:  Topics to be covered on 11th September-

GS-1 Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times.

GS-4 Case studies

Question 1)

“Urbanization spurs a unique set of issues to both humans and animals. “Elucidate. 10 marks

Question 2)

India has not been able to find an alternative to NAM which has been described as the basic tenet of India’s foreign policy. Discuss. 10 marks

Question 3)

Bt cotton has been credited for the increased cotton yield in India. In light of this examine the impact of Bt cotton on the cotton production in India. 10 marks

Question 4)  

You are the leader of a 5 member team that has been assigned to carry out social impact assessment of a project proposed in a Naxal area. Members have been allotted a remote village each to conduct surveys and ascertain views of local people. You are under strict instructions not to disclose the identity of respondents outside the project. While compiling data, you are puzzled by the responses from one of the villages. You accompany the point-person for that village next day for verification. You randomly pick a person from the list of respondents and ask her for clarification of the response she had given earlier. She seems confused and denies any knowledge of the survey being conducted, let alone she being questioned. You try to verify this from other respondents and get similar replies. This raises serious doubts about the integrity and credibility of the survey process. What are the ethical issues involved in the situation? As a team leader accountable for credibility of the survey and working on a hard timeline, what are the possible options before you? List their merits and demerits. Giving reasons, state the course of action you would follow. 10 marks

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