1:1 Mentorship

What are features of Civilsdaily’s 1:1 Mentorship?

Civilsdaily mentorship helps you in 6 key components of your preparation-

  1. Direction– the mentors at civilsdaily are highly experienced with 1/2 interview experience and minimum 1 year of mentorship experience. They are well aware of stages of preparation. These mentors will help you in preparing your comprehensive as well as micro schedule. They will prepare your schedule for every week with  mentorship calls every week. This schedule will be prepared based on intense analysis of importance of subjects as well as interlinking of the topics so that it becomes easier for students to better understand the topics.
  2. Discipline– student will be accountable to the mentor as every week he/she has to complete a target given by the mentor.
  3. Consistency– constant monitoring by the mentor as well as regular tests helps students in maintaining consistency in his/her preparation. Also, scientific planning of the schedule helps students in adopting an integrated approach in preparation.
  4. Value addition– mentors also helps students in their doubts as well as in resources. Considering the vast availability of material in the market, students get confused in which materials to follow. Mentors help you in identifying and referring to the most deserving materials. This helps students in resource consolidation and avoid content overload. Mentors will also provide video support. Remember- the mantra to clear upsc is MINIMUM RESOURCES, MAXIMUM REVISIONS.
  5. Evaluation– the UAP/foundation program also includes prelims and mains test series, Samachar Manthan provides weekly 10 mains questions. Your mentor will discuss each and every test with you and identify your strengths and weaknesses. So basically, if you follow this program sincerely then you will be provided one on one discussion for more than 40 mains tests(including SM) and more than 30 prelims tests. Further, your each test will be evaluated twice by experienced evaluators and later on by a mentor.
  6. Motivation– whenever you feel low or feel like not studying, you can directly reach out to your mentor, have a discussion, get motivated and resume studies. The relaxation methods suggested by mentors can help you in studying in the most efficient manner.

(Kindly go through the civilsdaily channel on YouTube to understand how mentorship actually works. The expression on the face of students will tell you everything)

Why do you need a Civildaily’s mentor for your UPSC preparation?

  1. Creating a strategy for finishing the curriculum on time

It entails the following:

  • The procedure for making notes for topics on the curriculum.
  • On a regular basis, Samachar Manthan is a vital source to keep up with current events.
  • Setting aside time to go over each section of the syllabus.

There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” strategy to completing a course. Each student has his or her own set of time and availability constraints that must be accommodated. A mentor considers these aspects and connects with hopefuls to develop a strategy that works for them.

2. Please assist me in making sense of it all.

  • There is a wealth of information available on subjects and themes for the IAS exam; however, the number of sources available and the fact that new data is uploaded on a daily basis makes it tough for aspirants to make sense of it all. However, with the help of a mentor, this effort becomes much more manageable.

3. Understanding the IAS exam’s philosophy

4. Advice on where to find the right sources

  • Certain features of this examination are only disclosed to individuals who have diligently studied its pattern over many years.
  • In terms of getting higher marks, an applicant who understands these aspects is in a better position than most others.

5. Understanding the importance of each topic

  • A mentor can assist students in determining the importance of each topic in the civil service syllabus in terms of examination weighting.

6. Developing a revision action plan

  • Mentors can assist students in developing an action plan for revising relevant sources and subjects as the exam date approaches.

7. Guidance in selecting an optional subject

  • A mentor can assist in narrowing down the options when it comes to selecting an optional subject. A mentor assists applicants in being “exam-ready” from the first day of preparation, providing them a competitive advantage over others who do not have access to quality mentorship and rely on a “trial and error” approach to preparation that yields little to no results.

Who shall take mentorship?

  • Mentorship under CivilsDaily is immensely helpful to all those Aspirants who want to overcome their shortcomings so as to enhance their probability for clearing the exam. However guidance provided under UAP is more focused towards those who have some foundation built for UPSC and inclined towards doing self-study. Aspirants such as college going students, Working professionals, who have other responsibilities to fulfill besides chasing their dream to be a Civil Servant, along with those Aspirants who are in state of confusion due to multiple unsuccessful Attempts at clearing the exam must join CivilsDaily’s mentorship program under UAP.
  • For those Aspirants who don’t have any foundational knowledge or don’t have any idea about this exam can Join CivilsDaily Foundation program in which they get Master Classes and other useful content along with Mentors insights.

How to join the 1:1 mentorship of civilsdaily?

Civilsdaily is not just the best but also the pioneer of providing dedicated personalized one-to-one Mentorship based on the requirements of an aspirant.

To join the Civilsdaily Mentorship first of all you need to fill the Samanvaya Form. (Click here)

  • After you fill the form, you will get a call within 24 hours where details and further procedure for enrollment will be discussed.
  • After the enrollment process is done you will get another form regarding orientation call with your mentor. Once you fill the form and now you are a part of Civilsdaily Mentorship Program.
  • Within a working day your mentor will connect with you and discuss about your Preparation, Program, Macro and Micro strategy.

What’s SOP of civilsdaily’s mentorship?

Right from the orientation call to the Personality Test of UPSC;  Mentor’s role or SOP can be broadly divided into two parts:

Firstly, a mentor will give targets after discussing with you for a time period which you will agree upon, generally, it will be one week to two weeks. In targets, you will also be told the source from where to read. And mentors will be tracking you on your target regularly.

Secondly, a mentor does an assessment of your progress. This will be done in multiple ways like assessing your evaluated copies of Mains-based tests which includes Samachar Manthan’s weekly tests and MEP or it may be prelims-based tests. Mentor finds a pattern of mistakes which you need to rectify to see an improvement.

And then till the Personality Test mentor will be guiding you on how to answer questions, etiquettes of the interview, and her personal experience of the same with you.

In this way, a mentor will be your friend, guide, teacher, or even counselor as you like.

How many seasons will I get?

Initially, the student receives a detailed orientation call from the mentor. During this call, the mentor tries to understand the current requirements of the student. This helps in devising a custom strategy for moving forward. After this, the mentor regularly stays in touch with the student for the first few weeks, judging his/her progress and tweaking strategies if needed. In the days going ahead, the student receives biweekly calls, with an option to connect with mentors in between for redressal of any academic doubts. During these sessions, apart from target setting, the mentor also discusses the approach to various pre-cum-mains based tests conducted at Civilsdaily.

Can I get 1:1 Mentorship sessions on Sundays as well?

Yes, you can book a session on Sunday, if your Mentor is available.

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are highly qualified and experts in their domain. In order to maintain quality, we ensure that all our mentors have at least appeared for 2 interviews of UPSC CSE. This helps to identify the needs and lacunas of our students and decode methods to work on the stress points in order to achieve maximum results.

What is the provision if one is not satisfied with his/her respective mentor?

As we are very serious about our quality of the mentorship, on a monthly basis we take feedback from our mentees about his/her respective mentor. Moreover, our mentor head will also be in touch with you on a continuous basis, you can always share with him the honest feedback about our mentor. And, you can request our mentor-head to change the mentor, if required.


This is the official page where you can share all your queries, feedback, complaints, or any concerns you may have about Civilsdaily’s 1:1 Mentorship.

Send emailmentorship@civildaily.com

Our dedicated team will check and address your questions within the next 24 hours. This is our promise!


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