[16 March 2024] The Hindu Op-ed: Looking to the future on St. Patrick’s Day

PYQ Relevance:Mains: 

At the international level, the bilateral relations between most nations are governed on the policy of promoting one’s own national interest without any regard for the interest of other nations. This leads to conflicts and tensions between the nations.
How can ethical consideration help resolve such tensions? Discuss with specific examples. [UPSC 2015]

Some of the International funding agencies have special terms for economic participation stipulating a substantial component of the aid used for sourcing equipment from the leading countries. Discuss the merits of such terms and there exists a strong case not to accept such conditions in the Indian context. [UPSC 2014].


Consider the following Statements regarding the DPSP/Directive Principles of State Policy:
1) The Principles spell out the socio-economic democracy in the country.
2) The provisions contained in these Principles are not enforceable by any court.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2


Prelims: Bilateral Relations; European Countries;

Mains: Bilateral Relations; European Countries;

Mentor comments: Ireland and India celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations, highlighting their shared history of fighting colonial oppression and growing connections in trade, education, and people-to-people ties. Despite global conflicts, Ireland maintains a principled stance, advocating for accountability and humanitarian assistance. Recently, Ireland has chalked out its Asia Pacific Strategy targeting EUROS 100 billion in trades with the region by 2025. We need to note here that the India-Ireland relationship extends beyond politics to encompass education, literature, and cultural exchanges.  

Let’s learn. 

Why in the News?

As Ireland commemorates St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), both India-Ireland emphasize the significance of supporting each other and nurturing lasting partnerships, especially through the engagement of young people.


  • India-Ireland relations have shared a bond strengthened by prominent figures like Jawaharlal Nehru, Eamon de Valera, Rabindranath Tagore, and W.B. Yeats, who were instrumental in fostering ties between India and Ireland.
  • The Indian community in Ireland plays a significant role in enhancing bilateral relations by integrating well into Irish society and contributing positively.
Ireland’s initiatives and Stand on Conflicts:

Russian Brutality in Ukraine: Ireland condemns the unprovoked Russian brutality in Ukraine, advocating for accountability and supporting Ukraine’s path to European Union membership.

Hamas Attack on Israel: Ireland strongly denounced Hamas’s appalling attack on Israel, calling for the unconditional release of hostages in Gaza.

Humanitarian Assistance: Ireland advocates for upholding international humanitarian law, a humanitarian ceasefire, and providing sustained humanitarian assistance to over two million civilians in Gaza.

Factors that makes Ireland’s Stance for Global initiatives:

Its Historical Background: Ireland’s history of famine, poverty, forced migration, and conflicts like those in Northern Ireland have shaped its perspective on global issues.

Its Resilience and Empathy: Despite past challenges, Ireland’s experiences have cultivated resilience and empathy, influencing its approach to conflicts and humanitarian crises worldwide.

Ireland’s view for a Young Talent Pool:

The Irish government wants to further deepen its strong economic and cultural relationship with India as part of its renewed Asia Pacific strategy launched recently on various fields:

  • On Developing Sustainable future:
    • On Entrepreneurship: Ireland values enterprise and supports young entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to the markets, fostering a culture of innovation.
    • On Innovation: Young people play a crucial role in addressing global challenges like the climate emergency and advocating for sustainable solutions.
  • On Development and Growth:
    • On Workforce: Ireland’s vibrant young talent pool attracts top companies in software and medical technology due to its economic stability, business-friendly environment, and access to a large market.
    • On Education: Irish universities attract students worldwide to a safe, welcoming environment, reinforcing Ireland’s position in the global economy.
  • On Global Perspective:
    • Citizenship: Despite facing challenges, Ireland’s high ranking in the top 10 countries for the UN’s Human Development Index underscores its commitment to progress, peace, human dignity, and equality as a responsible global citizen.
    • Advocacy for International Law: Youth globally demand respect for international law, multilateral institutions, and support for a rules-based order, sustainable development, and human rights.

Key areas for Indian Government (Opportunities for India):

Ireland aims to deepen its robust economic and cultural connections with India as part of its renewed Asia Pacific strategy.

  • Asia Pacific Strategy: Ireland highlights the importance of enhancing ties with India within the broader Asia Pacific strategy to drive future economic growth globally.
    • Ireland’s strategic approach: The target of EUR 100 billion in trade with the Asia Pacific region by 2025 has been reflecting the success of Ireland’s strategic approach.
    • Diplomatic Engagement: Ireland’s commitment to expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific region includes establishing a new Consulate General in Mumbai to strengthen its footprint.
  • Promoting Dialogue: Deputy PM Martin underscores the significance of upholding fundamental rights and engaging in constructive dialogue to address complex issues.
    • For example, in response to recent diplomatic tensions involving Canada and India, Ireland emphasizes the importance of dialogue and resolution between the two countries, refraining from direct arbitration.
  • Human Rights Focus: Ireland approaches international issues, including those concerning Manipur and Kashmir, through a human rights perspective, aligning with its upcoming election to the UN Human Rights Council.
  • Post Brexit: Ireland’s Indian immigrant population has grown 170% since 2016 due to Brexit and has seen a steady rise, especially among those pursuing higher education; according to the data by the Indian Embassy, 6,422 student visas were issued in 2022.


Apart from booming economic benefits, job security, and work-life balance, Ireland offers multiculturalism for overseas students, helping them to merge into the new landscape. International students strive for personal growth, development, and a hospitable environment to sustain.

What did the Indian Constitution borrow from Ireland?

The makers of the Constitution of India were influenced by the Irish Home Rule Movement and other national movements of Ireland. Hence, the Indian Constitution borrowed the idea of Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP) from Ireland. Part IV of the Indian constitution deals with the DPSP.
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