16th December 2021| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement(AWE)

Topics for Today’s questions:

GS-1     Post-independence consolidation and reorganization within the country

GS-2    Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests, Indian diaspora.

GS-3   Indian Economy, Infrastructure: Energy, Ports, Roads, Airports, Railways etc., Investment models.

GS-4   Emotional intelligence-concepts, and their utilities and application in administration and governance


Question 1)


Q.1 Identify the reasons for rise in insurgency and violence in Punjab in the 1980s. What steps were taken by the government to quell this violence? (15 Marks)


Question 2)

Q.2 The American withdrawal from Afghanistan would alter the regional geopolitics in Asia. In this context, examine the implications of the transition of the global order from American unipolarity for India and suggest a way forward. (10 Marks)

Question 3)

Q.3 Notwithstanding the merit of the National Monetisation Pipeline, it becomes imperative for policymakers to introspect the decline of profit-making government assets. Also suggest the steps that need to be taken to strengthen the public sector business. (10 Marks)

Question 4)  

Q.4 Emotions, earlier considered as an irrational factor in decision-making, are now recognised as a critical factor of judgment. In this regard, answer the following questions: (a) How can Emotional Intelligence help in coping with the intense pressure and occupational stress faced by police officers and armed forces in discharge of their duties? (b) What are the some of the concerns in incorporating and assessment of emotional intelligence skills in public service? (10 Marks)



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