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18th February 2021| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

Important Announcement:  Topics to be covered on 19th February

GS-1  Role of women and women’s organization; population and associated issues, poverty and developmental issues.

GS-4 Case Studies.

Question 1)

Examine the salient features of the Indian independence Act (1947) relating to the transfer of power.10 marks

Question 2)

What causes vaccine hesitancy in the people. Suggest the ways to deal with it against the backdrop of lukewarm response to covid vaccine. 10 marks

Question 3)

While there is an urgent need to revive the economy by generating employment, the COVID-19 experience tells us that there is also a need to provide social protection, especially to the 450 million informal sector workers. In light of this, examine the impact of pandemic on informal workers and also analyse the issues with draft rules of the labour codes. 10 marks

Question 4)  

You are stranded in traffic in your car. You are driving the car. A poor girl looking very frail approaches you and start begging for money. Looking at he frail appearance, out of compassion, you take out your wallet to search for a ten Rupees note. The girl who is standing very near to you snatches the wallet and starts running. A man on a motorbike who see this act, catches the girl and starts beating her in full view of public. Now the traffic is moving and your car is in the middle of the road. What will you do in such a situation? And why? 10 marks

Reviews will be provided in a week. (In the order of submission- First come first serve basis). In case the answer is submitted late the review period may get extended to two weeks.

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