Daily AWE

19th December 2019 | Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

The topics covered in the upcoming AWE on 20th December are:

Q.1) Changes in critical geographical features (including water-bodies and ice-caps) and in flora and fauna and the effects of such changes.

Q.4) Emotional intelligence concepts.


Question 1)

Why are the world’s fold mountain systems located along the margins of continents? Bring out the association between the global distribution of Fold Mountains and the earthquakes and volcanoes. (15 Marks)

Question 2)

The migrant policy of the country has to evolve keeping in mind the changing patterns of migration in the country. Discuss. (15 Marks)

Question 3)

How is the government of India protecting traditional knowledge of medicine from patenting by pharmaceutical companies? (15 Marks)

Question 4)

Discuss the importance and usefulness of Cooper’s ethical decision model in ethical decision making in public services. (15 Marks)

Reviews will be provided in a week. (In the order of submission- First come first serve basis). In case the answer is submitted late the review period may get extended to two weeks.

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