(Watch Live: Zoom Link inside) How to start UPSC 2024 preparation like a Topper? Understanding the expectations of UPSC at every stage by Gautam sir, Dy Controller of Accounts, IAS allied

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UPSC Workshop for 2nd Day: Decoding How to start UPSC 2024 preparation like a Topper? | Register 1-1 Live Session With 2 UPSC Rankers to get a free PDF of the most value-added notes

UPSC has a very rational approach w.r.t. the IAS-IPS exam. In every stage of the exam- Prelims, Mains, and Interview it has certain expectations from the candidate, you in this case. Whether you are worthy or not is then judged by the exam set by UPSC.

The issue that most of the aspirants face is the lack of clarity about what the UPSC really expects from them. They tend to go haywire in their preparation, not knowing how to prioritize and what to study, which often leads to confusion, frustration and in some cases, repeated failures.

The solution to this problem lies in understanding the expectations of the UPSC at each stage of the exam. Knowing what the UPSC wants from the aspirants will help in shaping up their preparation, making it more effective and result-oriented.

By having a clear understanding of the UPSC’s expectations, aspirants can align their preparation accordingly, prioritize their study material, and set realistic targets. This will not only help in saving time and effort but also increase the chances of success. In addition, it will bring consistency to their preparation and make it more productive.

13th Feb 2023 (Monday), 5:00 pm

Mode: Online (Zoom link will be emailed to you)

What you should expect after Day 2

  • How 99% of aspirants crowd follow the traditional way to start UPSC preparation blindly. And so the ultimate success rate is 0.0053%. But, how do toppers avoid this, start UPSC preparation &  acquire a day ‘0’ advantage?
  • Having a Clear Understanding of the UPSC’s expectations, syllabus and pattern.
  • Different approaches you should be having for different stages of UPSC CSE and integrating those approaches.
  • Following 80/20 principle for UPSC prep
  • Make a Study Plan and Stick to It 
  • Learn How to Manage Time, Resources and prioritize tasks
  • Break Down the Syllabus into Revision-Manageable Parts
  • How to read newspapers and magazines regularly
  • Make Notes & Use Flashcards
  • Analyze Your Weakness and Strengths
  • Understand the Pattern and Marking Scheme

Do’s and Dont’s; and breaking the myths around UPSC. Eg. Aspirants from rural or non-engineering backgrounds are at a disadvantage

Contact here: +91 7303316700

Get recorded session of Day 1: How to crack UPSC with 5hr/day prep? Time management for Working UPSC 2023 & 2024 aspirants

👨‍🎓By Soham sir, AIR 267, Super Mentor- Civilsdaily

11th Feb 2023 (Saturday), 7:30 pm

Soham Mandhare, IRS and a Super Mentor at CivilsDaily will be LIVE for a 1-1 LIVE webinar to discuss practical and proven Time-Management strategies to bring productivity and efficiency to your UPSC preparation, with just 5 hours of study time.

What you should expect on Day 1?

  • How to manage time for UPSC Preparation if you’re a working Professional? How to utilize the time, left in your hand, in the best possible way?
  • UPSC preparation timetable and schedule with just 5 hrs of daily study time?
  • How to identify those people or things that deplete your energy and waste your time?
  • How to break down the syllabus into small chunks, and develop an effective & workable study strategy for UPSC preparation.
  • How to complete the syllabus, in a short time! 
  • How to prioritize conventional topics/subjects?
  • How to divide your time and keep a balance between Prelims and mains preparation?
  • Selective reading or studying: How to deal with the ocean of current affairs and a mountain of GS?
  • How to tackle Optional subject preparation, Making Notes, and improving answer writing habits in a short time
  • Many more untold tips and techniques that only a topper can elaborate

Time: 7:30 pm onwards

Mode: This Workshop will be held online mode. We will share a Zoom link in your email. Please register.

Contact here: +91 7303316700

CivilsDaily’s FREE Webinar package

Post-webinar we will share important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

Other than this a strategy package will be emailed to you.

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