2 Days-UPSC Workshop: Mastering 4 Most Important NCERTs for IAS 2024 | Building solid Foundation | Book your FREE seat (Limited entry)

The most important 2-Days Offline Workshop in Pune Branch for UPSC-2024 by Shubham sir and Pravin sir on Mastering NCERTs to master Basic Subjects! Limited entry

Book your seat FREE | 2-Day UPSC 2024 Offline Workshop with Senior IAS Mentors

What would be the grave error? The answer is “to exclude NCERTs.” If you want to enjoy UPSC, you must learn to value NCERTs.

The best place to begin your UPSC preparation is with NCERTs, which are essential for success. They serve as a foundation and can help you comprehend essential and vital issues faster. Is it, nevertheless, important to read all NCERTs? Finding reliable sources for this information may require some effort.

Alert! Reading NCERTs isn’t enough to lead; you’ll only succeed in the IAS exam if you grasp how to read NCERTs, which 4 books we need to study specifically for mastering the basic subjects like Modern History, Polity Indian Economy, and Geography.

Shubham sir and Senior IAS Mentor, Pravin sir will take 2 Days of offline Workshop sessions on Mastering 4 Most Important NCERTs for IAS 2024.

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Day 1: Masterclass on NCERT: Modern History and Polity

11th May (Thursday) 2023, 7:30 P.M

Shubham sir, Senior IAS mentor at Civilsdaily will be taking an Offline workshop where he will be practically demonstrating How to build a solid foundation on Modern History and Polity by Mastering the 2 most essential NCERT Books.

In this enlightening webinar, sir will share:

  1. What are the best 2 to 3 NCERTs to read, to build a solid foundation on Modern History and Polity?
  2. Why are NCERT books considered the cornerstone for preparing all basic subjects?
  3. How to retain conceptual vs factual information in NCERTs.
  4. How to improve bit by bit if you are weak in any subject?
  5. Political Science covers the country’s legal and fundamental aspects, which makes it an extremely important subject. How to & what to cover from NCERTs so that ‘Laxmikant’ becomes easier to read and revise.
  6. NCERT Books provide the most important illustrations. How to read and revise them. How to use them while making notes.

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Day 2: Masterclass on NCERT: Economics and Geography

12th May (Friday) 2023, 7:30 P.M

Pravin sir, a senior IAS mentor/faculty at Civilsdaily Pune Branch will take an interactive offline session where he will engage and give a Digital Board Practical demonstration on How to build a solid foundation on Indian Economy and Geography by Mastering 2 most essential NCERT Books.

What to Expect in the Webinar:

In this Practical Offline Session, Pravin sir will share:

  • How to utilize NCERT Books? How to improve your reading & analytical skills from NCERTs which are super crucial for UPSC-CSE? Which portion of every NCERT must be utilized for making notes?
  • Best, minimum NCERT materials for UPSC-CSE Preparation. Do’s & Don’t, Understanding the science behind how society works is important, so what are the best 2 to 4 NCERTs to read?
  • For foundational preparation for prelims, students can read & make quick revision notes with the NCERT books, to begin, their history preparation. What are those books that have proven to be highly beneficial in the case of students that come from commerce or science backgrounds?
  • It is critical to understand Indian and global geography. Maps and information about different climatic regions provided in NCERT Geography books help answer many questions about geography. How to learn & what maps/diagrams/footnotes are not to be ignored will also be discussed.
  • The subject of the Indian Economy covers India’s current and past economic aspects, which makes it an important topic. Knowing its fundamentals is crucial for UPSC exams. So, What is to be learned by heart & which NCERTs are fit for the economy will be comprehensively discussed.
  • What is the difference between ‘The Old Version NCERTs & ‘The New Version NCERTs & which subjects, and which versions of NCERTs you should focus on,  this will also be discussed thoroughly in this Ask me anything session. 
  •  The untold secret of ‘how & from where UPSC asks direct questions from NCERTs. How to build command over NCERTs is going to be another crucial point of this awesome session.

Why Should You Attend?

Whether you’re taking the test for the first time or repeating it after failing, this offline Workshop at Pune is required viewing for everyone planning to apply for the UPSC 2024. 

Be sure to take advantage of this important practical workshop/ Register immediately to receive their professional advice on redesigning your UPSC preparation plan!

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Post-webinar we will share important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

Other than this a strategy package will be emailed to you.

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AIR 65, Pranav, IAS (Serving IAS officer, Gujrat)
Karishma Nair, AIR 14 was also Sajal sir’s student
best coaching for upsc in delhi

The most important Webinar/Workshop for UPSC Preparation 2024 on Mastering NCERTs for 4 Basic Subjects. Limited entry.

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