20 DAYS Can Save 20 WEEKS Of Your Preparation Time! Join The Clubs!

You can either study for weeks and still feel unprepared for your exams or you can study smart and crack the code in 20 days with our expert mentors at your service. 

1) From Layman To Statesman In 20 Days!

The highly effective Statesman Club by Arpita Roy will take you from the basics of International Relations to the Advanced course in just 20 sessions. Cover everything from Prelims preparation to answer writing for Mains. Learn how to write the model answers, integrate current affairs in your answers, and write perfect essays with an International Perspective.

Join now and sharpen your edge! (https://bit.ly/Statesman_enroll)

2) Master Current Affairs The Smart Way And Write Your Answers Like A PRO!

Do not get drowned in the sea of current affairs and stop worrying over how to write the perfect answer. The DECODE club is ready with an intensive 20 session program to transform your preparation from nothing to top-notch! Cover the most important Current Affairs topics and learn how to frame those impeccable answers.

Join the club and crack the code! (https://bit.ly/Decode_AW_enroll)

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch
💥Mentorship New Batch Launch