21 Jan 2018 | Target Mains | 21th Weekly Test

Q.1) Recently the government has approved the norms to relax the norms of FDI in single-brand retail. Discuss the pros and cons.

Q.2) With the emergence of the market economy and enhanced capability of private sector, the government should not directly be in the business of providing goods and services. Discuss in the context of Recent proposal of the government to Privatize Air India.

Q.3) Critically analyse the SC’s decision of making it optional for cinema halls to play the national anthem in cinema halls.

Q.4) The SC has decided to revisit its earlier decision of criminalizing homosexuality. Do you think it is an infringement on the fundamental rights of citizens and the citizens should be given choice to make their own personal decisions? Also analyse what changes will decriminalizing homosexuality lead to?

Q.5) What is surface ozone? How is it formed? Discuss the consequences of increasing level of surface ozone for the environment? What steps should be taken to bring down its increasing level?

Q.6) Given Pakistan’s continuous support to terrorists and frequent breach of ceasefire along LOC, should India revoke Most favoured nation status given to Pakistan to send a strong message to Pakistan. Critically discuss

Q.7) There appears to be no rational basis for how mandatory local content requirements contribute towards promoting the use of clean energy. In the light of the above statement, Critically examine India’s stand in the Indo-USA solar dispute in WTO.?

Q.8) It is in India’s self-interest to ratify UN convention against torture. Critically discuss

Q.9) Breach of Privacy concern and denial of service has always been associated with Aadhar. Discuss how newly introduced features like Virtual ID and Facial recognition will address these concerns.?

Q.10) What do you understand by particularly vulnerable tribal group? Discuss key problems being faced by this group?

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