22nd November 2019 | Prelims Daily with Previous Year Questions

Dear students,

1. In the comments section, share your score and also let everyone know the logic you’ve used to mark certain answers. This will trigger intelligent discussions benefitting everyone.

2. Completing the test should be your top priority. Focus on accuracy rather than simply attempting more questions. Give enough thought to each question, we have increased the time limit so you can do this.

3. At the end of the test, click on ‘View Questions’ button to check the solutions.

*You can attempt the test multiple times for your own practice but only your first attempt will be counted for rankings.

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Esperance Mettle
Esperance Mettle
3 years ago

Q5. I went chronologically 1905 is the earliest event so ticked Bengal partition agitation
Q4. Key word performing and rights ..just a guess that anything related to rights would be like NGO as representative of something or some issue and option itself has a word representative so just ticked it
Q3 CAG is independent authority how can it come under any ministry so eliminated it and head of audit was easy one to guess
Q2.it wa current affair thing nodal agency and who will identify
Q1. I just knew that agriculture related procurment is under APMC and e-nam so second option i eliminated and the key word here was government e market . So national portal option looked analogous governemnt portal . Nationa wide kind of so ticked it.