24 Nov 2016 | Back2Basics: Daily Static and CA Revision using News

Everyday we read news, but do we do more than read it? The best way to learn from news is to find the issues and facts which we don’t know and research them. Starting today we will try to list some topics to help you do that.

Let’s call this the new avatar of #Back2Basics

Following topics are based on today’s news

1. There is one news item on Agni-I missiles and an Indo-Norwegian Antarctic project – these are again favorites of UPSC. Keep a list of missiles and military vessels which come in the news, that way you won’t be googling this stuff one week before prelims! – PRELIMS

Note the Indian Antarctic research station – Maitri. Google it and make notes on it. – PRELIMS

2. There are two opeds on Marrakech/Marrakesh – make notes on the conference and how it is building on the Paris conference. Use this opportunity to create a timeline of previous climate conferences and revise your notes. – PRELIMS + MAINS

3. Recently there has been news regarding the pharma sector, ranging from data exclusivity issues to online sales. Read about such issues. Revise your notes on IPR. – MAINS

4. There is a news item on angel funds. What are they? How are they different from venture capital? Why are they under SEBI and not the RBI or the ministry of corporate affairs, or some other ministry? Also revise notes on SEBI. – PRELIMS

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