24th June 2022| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement(AWE)

Topics for Today’s questions:

GS-1          Social Empowerment

GS-2        Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting  India’s interests.

GS-3        Indian Economy

GS-4        Case Studies

Question 1)


Q.1 Identify the barriers faced by Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in India. What measures have been taken by the government in this context? (10 Marks)


Question 2)

Q.2 How Ukraine crisis affects BRICS? How BRICS can tackle the challenges posed to it by the crisis? (10 Marks)

Question 3)

Q.3 India is heavily import-dependent for its mineral fertiliser requirements. What are the issues with such import-dependence? Suggest ways to reduce the import dependence. (10 Marks)

Question 4)  

Q.4 The Ken-Betwa link project is expected to provide annual irrigation of 10.62 lakh hectares, drinking water supply to about 62 lakh people and also generate 103 MW of hydropower. At the same time, the ambitious project will lead to a large-scale displacement of the people. A total area of about 9,000 hectares will be submerged due to the proposed dam. Some of the area also lies within the Panna Tiger Reserve, considered to be the core habitat of tigers in the region. People fear losing their livelihoods as well. Due to these issues, there has been an ongoing protest by the local people against the project. You, as the head of the project, are given the responsibility to ensure timely completion of the project and ensure its success, as it spearheads India’s ambition of river interlinking. Consider the following questions: (a) What are the ethical issues involved in the above case? (b) Discuss the steps that can be taken to address these issues. Also suggest some long term measures for such issues. (20 Marks)



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