How toppers improved over time? A Case study of 5 toppers

The UPSC results for 2020 are out and 25 out of the top 100 rankers were from Civilsdaily! Not only that, more than 78 (still counting) students from Civilsdaily secured ranks and cracked the exam! As we congratulate our toppers, we would like to share with you how we helped our students succeed.

We will take the example of 4 of our toppers and explain how we helped them. Download and read their answers before they joined Civilsdaily.

They had tried everything but were not able to score high in the exams. From their approach to answering to the body of answers, they faced problems. They faced problems with things like putting proper headings, how to frame dimensions, introductions, conclusions, etc. They never even got the right feedback which could have helped them!

The first thing we did was ‘unlearning.’ We identified the mistakes they were doing, the poor reading practices they had, and all the wrong ideas they had learned from other sources. Before we helped them learn, we helped them unlearn everything that was not practical.

We personalized their study plan – We believe that each student needs a different approach to study. What to study, what not to study? How to pick the right study material? How to make notes for revisions? How to cope with the syllabus? These questions often come into aspirant’s minds.

We assessed each of our students to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Based on their learning abilities, we created unique study plans for each student. We focused on providing only the most relevant study material so that students can save time and revise more. This helped our rankers understand the concept better and improve their retention abilities through regular revisions.

We personalized their timetable – Every student studies at different times. Some may be in college, some may be working professionals, and some may be preparing full-time. We spoke with each aspirant in detail and created a timetable for them that they can follow easily. Our toppers consistently stuck to that plan and were able to cope with the syllabus easily.

Each student got a dedicated mentor – We believe that every aspirant needs a friend, philosopher, and a guide who can help them throughout their preparation. Each of our students gets a mentor who speaks with them, evaluates their progress, guides them, and helps them remain motivated. We provided them with a support structure that understands the students and cares for them.

Download and read how their answers improved after guidance from our mentors.

Our mentors make sure that each student keeps progressing every day. And all our students need to do is stick to the study plan to get the top results.

Our mentorship program is becoming more efficient every day. We had 15 in the top 100 in UPSC 2019. Now, we have 25 in the top 100 in 2020. Our mentorship program is getting results because we care for each of our students and work with them every single day!

Trust in our process and you will succeed, just like our toppers! Register now to speak with our mentors and get the perfect guidance for your exam.

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