26 Nov 2016 | Back2Basics: Daily Static and CA Revision using News

Everyday we read news, but do we do more than read it? The best way to learn from news is to find the issues and facts which we don’t know and research them. Starting today we will try to list some topics to help you do that.

Let’s call this the new avatar of #Back2Basics

Following topics are based on today’s news

1. Some new terms in the news – Robo advisors, chaebols, chit funds, Google Lunar X Prize, brown carbon. Find out what they all are. – PRELIMS

2. HIV/AIDS Bill in the news – What is this Bill about? What is its purpose, controversies etc. Make notes on this. Every year UPSC asks one question about a Bill.

Do you know the difference between HIV and AIDS and their full form? – MAINS

3. Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act in a oped today – What is this Act? With the SC also commenting on it, its importance has increased. Make notes on it. – PRELIMS + MAINS

By B2B

Revisiting the Basics