26th December 2019 | Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

The topics covered in the upcoming AWE on 27th December are:

Q.1) History of the world including events from the 18th century.

Q.4) Case Studies


Question 1)

“The restiveness of Dalit communities across the country only reflects the failure of successive governments and the political mainstream in translating the vision in the statute books into everyday experience.” Critically examine the statement tracing the evolution of dalit movement and its limitations of being only a mass political mobilsation. (15 Marks)

Question 2)

Assess the importance of the Panchayat system in India as a part of local government. Apart from government grants, what sources the Panchayats can look out for financing developmental projects. (15 Marks)

Question 3)

Monitoring and auditing is the first step to conservation. Discuss the statement in the light of recent issues with Tiger Census in India. (15 Marks)

Question 4)

Honour killing’ has been in the news recently. It involves the homicide of a member of a family by other members, due to the perpetrators’ belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonour upon the family. Analyse this problem in detail and indicate not only the social but also the emotional and attitudinal factors responsible for this problem? Also, distinctly bring out why: (a) The youth in such areas do not speak up against these practices. (b) The conviction rate in ‘honour killing’ cases is extremely low.  (c) Women, who have to face the brunt of this crime the most, do not speak against it collectively. Discuss some feasible steps, which could be effective in controlling this serious problem. (15 Marks)

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