28 Jan 2018 | Target Mains | 22th Weekly Test

Q.1) PM Netyanhu described India-Israel relations as that of Marriage made in heaven. Despite the excellent Personal chemistry between the 2 Prime Minister’s, there are number of sticking points which are preventing relationship between both these countries to reach its potential. Discuss those inhibiting factors and suggest steps which can make way for this relationship to reach its potential.

Q.2) What do you understand by de-hyphenated foreign policy? Is India right in following De-hyphenated foreign policy with respect to West Asia. Critically examine.

Q.3) Given the current situation in India, Fiscal stimulus would only lead to crowding out effect in India with no effect on real GDP. Critically analyse

Q.4) The minimum wages doesn’t satisfies original intentions i.e. elimination of poverty and it tends to reduce employment and family income. Critically discuss the statement in the context of proposed wage code bill?

Q.5) What do you understand by Agri-Futures? It is commented that Agri-future can help smoothen the typical boom and bust problem in agri-prices.

Q.6) ASER report 2018  indicates that legacy of learning deficit visible so far in elementary school children is now being reflected among young adults too. What are the reasons behind this trend? Also suggest innovative methods India can adopt to improve the learning outcomes in school?

Q.7) Indian population is growing much faster in the north and south is paying the price. Comment

Q.8) Do you think secular state like India should not give any pilgrimage subsidy? Critically discuss in the context of recent abolition of Haj subsidy by the central Government.

Q.9) Discuss the contribution of Indian army in WW1?

Q.10) Discuss the significance and concerns of 5th successful test-firing of the long-range ballistic missile Agni-V for India?




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