29th August 2022| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement(AWE)

Topics for Today’s questions:

GS-1        Social empowerment, communalism, regionalism & secularism.

GS-2        Important International institutions, agencies and fora- their structure, mandate. 

GS-3        Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment.

GS-4        Contributions of moral thinkers and philosophers from India and the world.

Question 1)


Q.1 Recognising unpaid work of women is a necessary but challenging task. Discuss. (10 Marks)


Question 2)

Q.2 State the functions of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Also, discuss the issues faced by the Council in the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe. (10 Marks)

Question 3)

Q.3 As the world copes with the repercussions of carbon emissions, there is growing pressure to achieve climate-compatible growth. In this context what do you understand by the term green finance? Discuss how it will help to achieve climate-compatible growth along with limitations of green finance. (10 Marks)

Question 4)  

Q.4 The teachings of Arya Samaj present key ethical lessons for present day India. Discuss. (10 Marks)



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