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3-Day UPSC Workshop for UPSC 2023 & 2024 | Make your UPSC Prep effective and result oriented

UPSC aspirants, gear up for the MEGA session this coming weekend. We have 3-Day UPSC Workshop in which we will have senior IAS mentors and Rankers to help you learn essential UPSC skills.

It is not the lack of resources or time but a glaring gap in the ability to apply the resources to your prep. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a veteran, this is a session you can’t afford to miss.

Be it answer writing, time-management and target setting, MCQ and PYQ analysis there is a way to it, a skill, that could be learned, practiced and perfected.

This 3-day Workshop is for both UPSC 2023 and 2024 candidates. It’s a special workshop to focus on introspecting & improving that lead to progress.

Day 1Mastering the science of METHODICAL PYQ ANALYSIS to predict UPSC Prelims questions

By Zeeshan Hashmi, Senior IAS mentor, Civilsdaily

10th March 2023 (Friday), 7:30 P.M

Zeeshan sir will demonstrate LIVE how he used the power of METHODICAL PYQ ANALYSIS to predict around 45 questions in UPSC Prelims 2023. And Mastering these techniques, you can predict even more questions for the UPSC Prelims 2024.

Zeeshan sir will also discuss with a LIVE example for 2024 candidates how to start PYQ analysis just after the first reading of static subjects.

What you should expect on Day 1?

  • What is the science of METHODICAL PYQ ANALYSIS to predict UPSC Prelims questions and What 10 things you must master to secure prelims 2023?
  • How to start analyzing PYQ just after understanding the syllabus and 1st reading of static subjects for UPSC-CSE 2024?
  • Most Authenticate and important UPSC Prelims Hack.
  • How to fill critical gaps in your Prelims preparation?
  • Avoiding pitfalls in your preparation, especially 2.5 months before prelims.
  • Solve Prelims MCQs with elimination techniques
  • How and what topics of current affairs you must revise before the very eve Prelims?

Day 2How to start answer writing FROM SCRATCH for UPSC Mains 2024?

By Sukanya Rana, Mains Program Head, Civilsdaily

11th March 2023 (Saturday), 7:30 P.M

Sukanya Ma’am will demonstrate LIVE How to start answer writing FROM SCRATCH for UPSC Mains 2024. She will also discuss, how to enjoy and learn answers writing for the UPSC Mains examination when it can be very confusing and stressful for other candidates.

What you should expect on Day 2?

  • What are the 10 best practices my ranker students follow when they start from scratch?
  • Why it’s the very right time to start answer writing for UPSC mains 2024?
  • How to connect current affairs and how to insert examples, and illustrations in your answers?
  • How to approach current affairs charged questions in UPSC Mains?
  • How frequently should you practice answer writing for UPSC Mains to become mains writing savvy in a very short time?
  • What are the 753 Rules for Mains answer writing that every topper follows in their preparation phase?

Day 3How to divide your UPSC 2024 prep into 5 phases? 

By Prabhat sir, IRPS, Super Mentor of Civilsdaily

12th March 2023 (Sunday), 7:30 P.M

Prabhat sir will discuss what do UPSC Preparation phases mean. And how all UPSC rankers divide their Preparation into 7 different phases to break the syllabus into small chunks and simplify dealing with Prelims IQ, Notes making and answer writing for mains, and grasping the current affairs.

The session is extremely important for all, especially who are starting for UPSC 2024 and have almost 1.3 months in their hand.

What you should expect on Day 3?

  • If you divide your preparation into small chunks, it will be as simple as water to tackle the syllabus connecting with current affairs. So, how to do it?
  • How to start preparing for Prelims from scratch if you haven’t started yet?
  • What are the 5 different phases of UPSC Preparation?
  • How does every Preparation phase help you get an extra edge and extra marks in UPSC Prelims, Mains, and Interviews?

The workshop will be an opportunity for UPSC aspirants for UPSC Prelims 2023 exam and UPSC 2024, who want to clear the exam in just one attempt, to learn from the best and gain a competitive edge in their preparation for the exam.

The workshop will focus on the importance of strategy, covering a wide range of topics such as time management, effective study techniques, and methods for developing a winning strategy to clear the UPSC exam.

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Post-webinar we will share important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

Other than this a strategy package will be emailed to you.

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