3 Nov 2016 | Prelims Daily: CA Questions with Tikdams & Tidbits

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Q.1) The term contract labor appears frequently in the news. Which of the following statements best describes them

a) Any person hired by signing a contract

b) A person doing work for the company but under a third-party contractor

c) Any employee in the private sector

d) Any person paid below minimum wage


Q.2) The GST Council is frequently in the news, consider the following statements regarding it

1.It is tasked with finalising the rates and other modalities for the new indirect tax regime

2.It is headed by the Prime Minister, with the Union Finance Minister as Vice President

Which of the following options is correct

a) 1 Only

b) 2 Only

c) Both 1 and 2

d) Neither 1 nor 2


Q.3) The Global Hunger Index report is published by

a) International Food Policy Research Institute

b) World Health Organisation

c) World Bank

d) International Monetary Fund


Q.4) The Sagarmala Project involves

a) modernisation of ports in India

b) boosting the jewellery sector exports

c) deep sea mining for rare-earth minerals

d) road development in the north-east


Q.5) Which of the following cities is not in Iraq

a) Mosul

b) Baghdad

c) Aleppo

d) Fallujah


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