30 Day Complete Revision Program To Crack UPSC Prelims 2021 with Personal Mentorship by Parth Sir || 20 Tests + Study material + Exclusive Tikdam Video + Zoom Calls

Dear aspirants,

What you do in the next 30 days can make or break or career so it is important to make the right decisions, pick the right revision materials, and learn the right answering techniques. With these right choices our students have been able to score 130+ in Prelims and you can do the same!

Our experienced and senior mentor, Parth sir, will guide you through the next 30 days with an intense revision exercise to help you crack Prelims in THIS attempt!

The revision program will take you through:

  1. 20 Tests for Prelims-2021 (8 Full-Length Test (FLTs) + 12 Current Affairs)
  2. Evidence-based question making with 360-degree testing
  3. One strategy calls in the beginning by Parth Verma sir and the rest through habitat group.
  4. Google meet session every alternative day
  5. Current affairs Magazine 2021 by CivilsDaily of one year
  6. Economic Survey and Budget Videos for Prelims-2021
  7. Exclusive video on Score boosting TIKADAMS for prelims-2021
  8. Static content (PDF & Videos) on GS for prelims-2021
  9. Decimate Prelims Content for Prelims-2021
  10. Learn to interlink Static and Current affairs
  11. Learn to maintain a calm mindset and positive outlook with Parth Sir.

Scoring 130+ is not impossible if you have the right tricks up your sleeve!

7th SeptCA Test 1- July Current Affairs
8th SeptCA Test 2 – August Current Affairs
9th SeptCA Test 3 – September Current Affairs
10th SeptFLT 1 – Budget, Economic Survey & India Year Book
11th SeptFLT 2 – Important Organizations, Agreements, Summits, Reports and Declarations of National and International importance.
12th SeptCA Test 4 – October Current Affairs
13th SeptCA Test 5 – November Current Affairs
14th SeptCA Test 6 – December Current Affairs
15th SeptFLT 3 – Special focus on latest Schemes/Acts/Policies – I
16th SeptFLT 4 – Special focus on latest Schemes/Acts/Policies – II
17th SeptCSAT Test 1
18th SeptCSAT Test 2
19th SeptCA Test 7 – January Current Affairs
20th SeptCA Test 8 – February Current Affairs
21st SeptCA Test 9 – March Current Affairs
22nd SeptFLT 5 – Full Syllabus
23rd SeptFLT 6 – Full Syllabus
24th SeptCA Test 10 – April – May Current Affairs
25th SeptCA Test 11 – June Current Affairs
26th SeptCA Test 12 – July Current Affairs
27th SeptFLT 7 – Full Syllabus
28th SeptFLT 8 – Full Syllabus
29th SeptCSAT Test 3
30th SeptCSAT Test 4

Facing any issue with test access post-enrollment?

Share your payment confirmation, name, email id, and contact number along with the issue that you are facing (with screenshots if possible) at dj@civilsdaily.com

We will resolve your issues in minutes.

About Mentor:

Parth Verma is a senior faculty of Civilsdaily and for the last 3 and half years, he is actively engaged with team CD in all verticals. He has given all 6 UPSC Mains, always clearing Prelims with a score of more than 135+ marks. He has also given 2 UPPCS Interviews and 4 UPPCS Mains and has scored one of the highest marks in UPPCS 2018 Interviews.

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch