5-Day UPSC Conclave in CD Pune (Online/Offline) for 2023-24 aspirants | Meet IAS Toppers and Sajal sir

📢5-Day FREE Workshop (Online/Offline) in Pune by AIR 22, 48, AIR-218, and Sajal Sir (Mentor of 250+ Rankers)

Building on the grand success of our UPSC Conclave, we at Civilsdaily Pune are thrilled to announce the launch of a stellar 5-Day UPSC Workshop.

These sessions are distinct from the routine topper talk; instead, they take you into the depths of detailed strategy-making and concrete action points. Our IAS ranker students will share the precise tactics that brought them success, and the strategic inputs provided by their mentors.

Schedule of the sessions

This workshop is tailored to deliver practical insights and actionable plans, which can significantly elevate your UPSC preparation.

Civilsdaily ranker students and now Super Mentors- Aaditya Pandey, (AIR-48); IAS, Soham Mandhare; IPS, Sagar Kharde everyone possessed unique learning styles. However, they were all united by their practical and no-nonsense approach to cracking the UPSC exam.

They will share their last attempt notes, marks improvement strategies, and previous-attempt errors, so that you start your IAS Preparation on a solid footing.

Civilsdaily Hall Of Fame 2022

IAS 2022 Toppers (including AIR 48), Sajal sir (mentor of 250+ rankers), and other Senior IAS Mentors will be taking LIVE workshop | Register for the 5-Day Conclave today! Details below

Who should attend this Workshop?

  • UPSC 2024 aspirants who will be starting from scratch
  • Aspirants who are not able to decipher the pattern and ‘new ways of UPSC’
  • UPSC aspirants aiming for 2023-24, who need a holistic view of their preparation.
  • Candidates looking for practical strategies rather than generic guidance.
  • Aspirants who seek to understand the value of strategic mentorship in UPSC success.
  • Those who aim to overcome specific challenges in their UPSC preparation.
  • UPSC 2024 aspirants who want effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency in their preparation

Schedule of sessions:

8th June, 5 pm – Sajal Sir and IAS, Soham

Topic: Understanding A to Z, 26 Critical Gaps in UPSC prep, and how to overcome them for IAS in 2023-24.

Expect: A comprehensive overview of UPSC preparation, identifying crucial gaps, and discussing practical solutions.

9th June, 5 pm – Pravin Sir

Topic: How to cope up with Prelims 2023 Failure and Foolproof strategy for 2024?

Expect: Practical coping strategies for Prelims 2023, and a step-by-step plan for Prelims 2024.

10th June, 5 pm – Sajal Sir and AIR 48, Aaditya

Topic: 50 Most Important themes for UPSC Mains for IAS in 2023-24.

Expect: An in-depth analysis of essential themes for UPSC Mains, strategic planning, and insider tips.

11th June, 5 pm – AIR 48, Aaditya Pandey

Topic: How to make notes like a topper? Note-making strategy for UPSC prelims and mains 2024?

Expect: Proven note-making strategies, organization tips, and secrets of toppers’ note-making habits.

12th June, 5 pm – Sajal Sir and IPS, Sagar Kharde

Topic: How to complete UPSC Current Affairs in 5 hours per week?

Expect: Efficient strategies to cover Current Affairs, time management tips, and ways to connect Current Affairs with the static portion.

How to attend?

These sessions are FREE and Open to all, and will be held in Online/Offline mode.

Offline Mode – Address: Civilsdaily IAS, First floor, 518, Ramprasad, opposite Radhika Bhel, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030

Note: These sessions are conducted by Civilsdaily Pune hence Offline sessions are available only in Pune center.

Aspirants from rest of India can join it in Online mode through Zoom. Link will be shared post-registration.

Register FREE for 5 Days UPSC Workshop by UPSC 2022 Rankers, Academic Director Sajal Sir

CivilsDaily’s FREE Webinar package

Post-webinar we will share important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

  • UPSC 2022 Toppers’ Timetable
  • Prelims 2024 Toolkit
  • Mains 2023-2024 Toolkit
  • Samachar Manthan FREE Module

Other than this a strategy package will be emailed to you.

What The Hindu opined about Civilsdaily Mentorship

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Register FREE for 5 Days UPSC Workshop by UPSC 2022 Rankers, Academic Director Sajal Sir

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch