5 High-value topics for Prelims 2021 and how to Prepare Polity for UPSC 2022 || Free Session || High scoring topic details shared

Dear aspirants,

Polity is the key to success in UPSC, and here’s why:

  1. Up to 20 questions in Prelims – 40 marks!
  2. Command over Polity means great writing material in essays.
  3. The knowledge of polity can be used in GS papers, IR, and national issues.
  4. Polity concepts are highly useful in writing Ethics answer.
  5. Master polity and your score can rise by 100 marks in Mains.
  6. It is easy to master the subject if you know the right tricks!

This is why we believe that all UPSC aspirants who are serious about clearing Prelims in this attempt should know the 5 Most Valuable Topics in polity and the smart way of completing the syllabus in time. And we would like to share these with you for FREE in the upcoming session with Sudhanshu Sir.

For example, these are the areas that UPSC has focused on in the previous years:

And this is where these questions were sourced from:

But what about this year? Sudhanshu sir will explain, in detail, in the session.

What can you expect to learn in the session?

  1. 5 Most valuable topics to be covered for Prelims.
  2. How to complete the Polity syllabus ‘effectively.’
  3. How to revise the syllabus in record time.
  4. How to use the knowledge of Polity for better answer writing.
  5. How to use the knowledge of polity for writing better essays.
  6. How to make sure you answer ALL the polity questions in Prelims correctly.
  7. How to use Polity to gain advantage over other candidates.

You can learn all of this and more for absolutely free in the session. 

DO NOT miss this opportunity to know the right way of completing your Polity syllabus for UPSC 2022. The session is absolutely free and you can gain up to 40 MARKS in Prelims by attending this session. But there are just limited slots available so we request you to register now!

Date: 28/8/21

Time: 5:30 P.M.

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